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Leslie Schipper Posted by Leslie Schipper on July 16, 2015

Don't Make These Marketing Mistakes

Don't Make These Marketing Mistakes

5 marketing mistakes that will cost your company cash!

Marketing is as old as time, from when Neanderthals were looking for new ways to trade with other cavemen, until today where we are still trying to come up with new advertising ideas. Not much has changed fundamentally with the concept of marketing in the last 300,000 years, though some still cling to primitive ways.

Cavemen aside, there is nothing basic or crude about the marketing of products, services and brands in today’s business world, particularly in the digital marketing arena where it’s now possible to market your wares simply with a professional video or live chat.

Of course to err is human, right? And we all learn from our mistakes, right?

So while we are churning out the perfect marketing pitch, there are several blunders that, as a creative digital marketer, you ought to be aware of.

Don’t Put All of Your Eggs in One Basket

Business owners often want to know how much money a new marketing method will make for their business. Unless you’ve had an opportunity to test different methods of obtaining customers and to run those tests thoroughly to ensure they work, don’t put all of your eggs in one basket.

Use smaller test budgets and test various strategies until you find which methods produce the results you want.

Know Your Conversion Rate

Okay, here is the million dollar question. If 100 qualified users visited your site, how many of those should convert for you?

If your conversion rate is presently low or nil, is it important to check out the quality of your traffic, your services or products, or your web design? By looking at conversion rates by site or by advertisement, you can narrow down the culprit. In addition, follow up to see if your retargeting advertisements are getting higher conversions than your original targeted content.

Not Investing in A/B Testing

Although it is one of the simplest testing methods, A/B testing is often overlooked.  Utilizing A/B testing a webpage will help you optimize design features and functionality for future initiatives.

Making minor changes to the page, such as colors, pictures and focus points, can demonstrate which version yields the best conversion rate. If you neglect to do A/B testing, you could be missing out on profitable data that will help your business succeed.

Blogging is Critical

This is particularly important if you are a new startup or an established business launching a new service or product. You don’t need to blog three times a day or maintain a huge catalog of blog posts, but before you invest in offsite marketing and advertising, ensure there are at least a couple of blog posts on your website for visitors to read.

Blogs add value to websites, boost SEO, and establish a level of trust, which is a good foundation to have before participating in other marketing efforts. If you aren’t planning on keeping your blog updated on a regular basis, be sure to remove timestamps so they don’t seem dated.

Be Present on Social Media Throughout Your Marketing Campaigns

Before you launch any sort of social media marketing campaign, make sure you designate someone to respond to questions online. In addition to answering questions, share information about your products or services, or ask your own questions about what your potential customers are looking for. It is important to find ways to engage with visitors in order to convert them into customers.

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