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Ryne Baerlocher Posted by Ryne Baerlocher on November 12, 2019

Easy Black Friday Promo Ideas for Your eCommerce Website

Easy Black Friday Promo Ideas for Your eCommerce Website

Black Friday Sale Ideas to Increase Your Revenue this Cyber Monday

Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, and Cyber Monday are just around the corner… don’t have a sale idea yet? Check out a few of our favorite easy and creative sale ideas to run on your eCommerce store. 

Here’s a few discounts and  who they work best for: 

Buy One Get One Free / 50% Off 

BOGO's are great. They increase average order size, get people to try multiple products, and are generally an enticing sale for people. It's basically when you have users cross the threshold of one purchase to get another for free or at a discounted rate. 

Works best when… a lot of your products are priced around the same price and gross margin on a product is high. This can be buy one get one free, or buy one get one with a percentage off, like 50% off the second product.

Make sure when you are implementing this one that you set the discounted price to apply to the lower-cost product. 

Spend More Save More

This concept is when you create tiers of spending and increase savings as people spend more money. For example, spend $100, save $25, but spend $200, save $50. Spend more save more encourages people to spend more in your store. This works well because even if users are technically spending more, they love to save money. 

Works best when… You have mid-priced products and want to move a lot of inventory. Setting tiers of spending can increase your AOV value and spending to entice people to make a purchase so they can save more. 

Subscription Savings

If your products can be subscription based. Have your customers save when they subscribe to a product for an extended period of time and pay up-front. The discount can increase the longer they are subscribed, with  from 3, 6 and 12 months. 

Works best when… you have a product that a subscription works with. Make sure a product or package from your store is is something they’d need or want frequently enough to make the subscription make sense at least monthly or quarterly. 

Newsletter Subscription Savings

If you want to build out your newsletter list and continue with ongoing marketing, this is a great option for you to consider (all year long!) This discount is super easy to implement - just use your current email platform sign up, create a discount code, and have it share on the submit page. 

Works best when... you’ve already got an email marketing plan of some sort in place. This is a great way to keep your relationship warm with your customers, notify them of sales, and let them know about new products. 


Our friends at Cathy's Concepts have savings all year round to get users to sign up for their newsletter and save 20% off their first order. 

Different Sales Different Days

If you’ve got a large product line, make use of the whole holiday weekend and entice users with different sales each day or throughout the day. For example, you could have one product line 40% off on Black Friday that ends at midnight, then a totally different product on sale for 50% off but only for a couple hours Saturday morning. This keeps users checking back on your site and builds a 

Works best when… you’ve got a large product line, have the ability to switch discounts everyday, can manage multiple sales. 

One Coupon Code

It could be as simple as that - create a coupon code that offers a discount for the entire weekend. It’s easy to set-up, manage, and has less chance of hiccups. We would recommend creating a code that’s easy to type in for users and easy to spell. Whether it’s Save40 or Turkey30, make it something simple.

Works best when… you’re low maintenance and okay with everyone and every product getting the same level of discount. 

Refer a Friend 

Referring a friend is a great way to build your business with a formalized version of word of mouth marketing. Refer a friend usually offers a link to be shared that can then be tracked to see if a purchase is made. If one is, then both parties get sent a unique discount code for their next product. This is great to bring new people to your brand through people who already like the brand and your new customer knows. This is a great way for new people to not only learn about your business but also be encouraged to make a purchase with a discount. 

Works best when… there’s great social proof for your brand. If you have tons of great reviews and people who love your product, use refer a friend as a way to build out your brand to new customers. 

So, there’s a lot of options for you for a sale this upcoming Black Friday & Cyber Monday weekend. All you have you to do is decide on the sale, make sure it works (like we said in our article last week about testing!), and grow that revenue! 

Not sure what strategy is best for you? 

At efelle, we work as consultants to help you build your business to reach its fullest potential. Let us take a look at your business and strategize which option would be best for you! Reach out to one of our digital strategists here or shoot us an email at [email protected].