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Miranda Towler Posted by Miranda Towler on October 23, 2020

eCommerce Website Design for Tea Company Key to Teas Has Launched!

eCommerce Website Design for Tea Company Key to Teas Has Launched!

Offering premium teas, subscription eCommerce products, and unmatched passion, Key to Teas's new eCommerce website is live!

Founded by Naoko Tsunoda, Key to Teas provides quality and unique teas, tea blends, and teaware that pays homage to her youth spent in Japan. What differentiates Naoko from other competitors in her industry is her passion and love for tea. Each of her teas are thoughtfully sourced with countries of origin, include personalized descriptions, and steeping instructions on all tea products. She really knows tea and wants her users to be educated and make drinking tea an experience!

eCommerce Website Design 

As a new business, we started with a clean slate for this design. We wanted to focus on the teas, so we kept the design palette relatively neutral, with warm beiges and light partners used throughout the site. We focused on imagery of the tea leaves, teas brewed, and Naoko herself mixing the teas. This draws the visitor's eye to the things that matter most while also still giving the site a personality. 

The teas are sorted thoughtfully to help tea-lovers and new users alike find what they are looking for. The teas are sorted in a number of different ways, including the best time to drink, flavor, type, and the tea itself. We used filtering through BigCommerce to allow for this type of sorting. 

The product pages are one of the places we see the uniqueness of Keys to Teas. Each product page has images of the tea steeped and just leaves but continues to guide the user down the page to learn more about the tea. Each tea has its own origin map, description, steeping instruction, ingredients, and information about caffeine. 


Special eCommerce Website Features

A few of our favorite parts about this site come in the form of the Tea Quiz, (yes, everyone on our team now knows their tea type), which takes the user through a number of different questions, photos, and preferences before sharing their tea type and recommendations for the types of tea that will fit their likings. 

The site also takes advantage of our partnership with BoldCommerce and uses subscriptions on the site. Key to Teas offers Tea Box Subscriptions, allowing customers to choose their taste profile, choose their frequency, and then enjoy some premium tea! We created a beautiful custom page to share more about the process and entice users to get started. From there, BoldCommerce takes over by using a product page and capturing the user’s frequency and payment data. Now, tea lovers can enjoy their tea on a regular basis and even try new flavors that are conveniently shipped at their liking.

We are so excited to have worked with Naoko and watched her business come to life. We can’t wait to see how this business grows and more people learn the shared joy in drinking tea. 

Learn more about this project on the portfolio entry and be sure to check out their beautiful new site!

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