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Adrianna Ovnicek Posted by Adrianna Ovnicek on April 25, 2018

efelle creative Launches Bold New Website for Seattle-Based Weaver Architects

efelle creative Launches Bold New Website for Seattle-Based Weaver Architects

Weaver Architects has moved on up to a fresh new website just as we’ve moved our office a few blocks up here at efelle.

When Weaver Architects came to us with their redesign project, they were in need of an update with more excitement and punch. Our team was also tasked with establishing a clear-cut framework throughout the website to provide an intuitive and fluid user experience.

Design Needs

The Weaver team requested an innovative and dynamic space to display their interior design & architecture work while still effectively conveying their collaborative approach to the design process with clients.

Color Story & Branding

We kept the original gray-blue color palette but gave the new design a modern feel through the introduction of sans serif fonts. By balancing the existing color palette with more whites and lighter grays, we created a breezy atmosphere that harmonizes with Weaver’s core principles: creativity and innovation, client service, and, of course, fun. Rendered drawings and sketches provide a friendly and compelling aesthetic that engages site visitors to really dig into Weaver’s work.

Smooth Navigation

When we work with companies on website rebrands, we understand the importance of establishing great user experience (UX) while also creating an attractive website that drives our clients’ digital marketing efforts.

For Weaver, we designed a progressive six-tiled hamburger menu that allows for fluid navigation and fewer clicks. Engaging design elements on the homepage capture the user in a way that isn’t distracting. A responsive image slider allows the user to view before & after images for any project, creating an impactful and interesting way to engage the user with the Weaver process.

Powerful New Portfolio

We also provided space to showcase stunning images of Weaver’s latest projects, arming their website with an engaging new portfolio that users can navigate by filtering down to specific Industries or Service to find the type of work they’re looking for.

The portfolio detail pages also feature a slick slider that pops up when users click on a project image. This allows users to easily view and flip through high-quality photos by toggling left/right, all without sacrificing load speed.

Best yet is that it’s super easy for Weaver to keep their portfolio up to date. efelle’s FusionCMS, our proprietary content management system, makes its easy to view and change out project photos and details, with no wait time for changes to appear and no fiddling with code.

Check out Weaver’s sleek new portfolio of work here!

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