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Haley Weaver Posted by Haley Weaver on May 15, 2018

efelle creative Launches Vibrant Website for Sagely

efelle creative Launches Vibrant Website for Sagely

Look Out, Ellen Degeneres: Sagely Boasts Bold New Website Just in Time for Debuting on The Ellen Show

Known for their sleek and convenient pill organizers, Sagely partnered with our team to create a website as aesthetically pleasing and functional as the product itself. After meeting at our Seattle-based office, our team was tasked with designing and developing the new site in time for the product debut on The Ellen Show in early March; though we didn’t get to fly to LA for the live taping, our team was more than excited to hop on board.

Striking Design Elements


The clever, modern design of the Sagely pill organizer became our team’s sole inspiration for the new website design. By pairing the bold colors used on the products themselves with bright imagery, we were able to showcase the brand story while leveraging a seamless eCommerce experience for users.

Telling the Brand Story


Our team ensured that the homepage design immediately communicated the many benefits of Sagely. The user is first greeted with a masthead video showcasing the pill organizer, while eye-catching icons directly below provide a step-by-step tutorial on how to use the product. Further down the page, users are invited to access the mobile app. We also designed a grid to house the glowing video and written testimonials for the product itself, pulling in bright pink text blocks for extra flair.

Seamless eCommerce Process


With the product set to debut on The Ellen Show in early March 2018, it became imperative that the eCommerce experience be user-friendly. Throughout the site, we made sure to highlight the products through lifestyle shots, testimonials, and calls to action encouraging users to check out the pill organizer product pages. The simple navigation reinforces the user-friendliness of the site as a whole, promoting a positive experience for the product’s wide audience.

Sagely’s National Debut: Online & On TV

After translating the designs to a fully developed and functioning site, both the efelle team and the Sagely team were beyond excited to share the new design on a national level. Check out the beatuiful new website or the hilarious segment on Ellen…or go order a pill organizer for yourself!

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