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Marc Takeuchi Posted by Marc Takeuchi on June 01, 2018

efelle creative Serves Up an Appetizing Website for ACT 3 Catering

efelle creative Serves Up an Appetizing Website for ACT 3 Catering

Feeling Hungry for Design Inspiration? Let ACT 3 Catering’s New Website Fill Your Plate

ACT 3 Catering is a Seattle-based catering company with a rich 30-year history in the area. Owners Chuck and Terri Doremus started Terri D’s Catering in 1984 in Buckley, WA. They worked alongside two other local companies—Atwood Catering in Kirkland and California Catering in Bellevue—before purchasing both in 2000. In 2002 the Doremus’s combined all three businesses to form ACT 3 Catering and in 2007 they opened their corporate headquarters in Tukwila, WA.

ACT 3’s Partnership with efelle creative

ACT 3 originally contacted efelle while in a dire situation: their current web agency had abruptly closed with no notice or reason; within a day of our initial phone call, their site was down. Not only could they not get in contact with anyone from their old web agency, they were unable to connect to the server to retrieve their files. Sadly, all was lost.

Understanding the urgency of maintaining a continuous presence on the web, efelle stepped in and quickly built a landing page so that prospective customers could view their menus and reach out. From there, we set out to work on redesigning and rebuilding their main site.

Design Challenges and Successes

The new design was inspired by a combination of company culture, high-quality food and awesome customer service. As a union of three former businesses and a staple in the local catering scene, the idea of “togetherness” served as primary inspiration for the above-the-fold area on homepage. Overtop a rotating backdrop of celebratory images sits quick, engaging verbiage and a bright call to action encouraging users to request a quote.


One of the main goals for the efelle team was to effectively use the rich imagery of ACT 3’s food throughout the site. Our designers team left ample space for large, full-width photos that showcase ACT 3’s meticulous attention to detail and allude to the memorable experiences provided by their catering team at each and every event.


To make things really pop, smaller food cutouts—like sprigs of herbs and tomatoes—peek out from the side of the page and move with parallax scrolling. This subtle movement throughout the site creates a sense of fun and points to the freshness of both the design and ACT 3’s culinary offerings.


Ready to dig in? Check out the new ACT 3 Catering website.

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