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Jessica Bryant Posted by Jessica Bryant on January 03, 2013

Effective Branding for Architects: More Than Just Logo Design!

Effective Branding for Architects: More Than Just Logo Design!

Create differentiation and enable company growth with effective architecture firm branding-seattle.jpgbranding

An architecture firm's brand goes beyond having an attractive logo or pithy tagline. Although an effective tagline and logo certainly contribute to your architecture firm's brand image, your branding as a whole must be strong enough to evoke an emotional response in prospects.

Ultimately, the quality and reputation of your offerings are what will make or break your image, but strong branding can also add depth to your services. Clients appreciate architecture firms that have a positive,personalized, and consistent brand image. So, before you start knocking on prospects' doors and writing press releases for your firm, take the time to clearly define your brand.

Establish Your Brand's Benefits

One of the first steps in building your architecture firm's brand image is determining the benefits of doing business with your firm, such as superior customer service, the best prices, or unique offerings. Think about how you want people to see your products, services, and company. Once you clearly outline the benefits you offer, make sure that they are the foundational elements of all of your marketing efforts.

Integrate All Elements of Your Architecture Firm's Branding

Integrate your architecture firm's branding across all touch points both online and offline. Integrated marketing is effective because repetition and reinforcement increase the effectiveness of your marketing messages and boost the chance that prospects will be engaged and take action. Some ways to integrate your marketing efforts across multiple mediums include creating branded social media accounts, sending out branded email newsletters, and writing content for your architecture website that reflects the qualities of your brand.

Develop a Visual Palette

All of the visual marketing materials that you use to communicate your brand's message should be consistent and integrated. When combined, your logo, photos, artwork, typefaces, and colors work together to distinguish your brand from the competition. Your logo is the foundational element with which you build your visual palette, so design your logo first, choose your primary typeface second, select photos and graphics third, and then choose two to three basic colors.

Your visual palette is not an area where you should skimp because you will have to spend tens of thousands of dollars creating a website,marketing materials, etc. around it. Don't change your brand image and visual palette just for the sake of changing it. You might get tired of looking at your marketing materials, but you have to keep in mind that your prospects and customers don't see them everyday like you do. Your prospects need to see,hear, and read a consistent brand image over a long period of time if you want to maximize the effectiveness of your branding.

Grow Your Architecture Firm's Brand with efelle

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