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Kerry Sweeney Posted by Kerry Sweeney on November 02, 2020

Four Examples of Awesome Digital Display Ads

Four Examples of Awesome Digital Display Ads

Our Favorite Google Display Ad Examples that Grew These eCommerce Websites

Digital display advertisements are a great way to persuade users to visit or revisit your website. It takes a combination of effective strategy and beautifully designed ads to achieve success and grow your business. 

Today, we’re sharing four of our favorite digital marketing ads and why we love them. These businesses partnered with us to be able to fill their funnel with more highly qualified customers that can help them 

Baraka Gems

Baraka Gems is a local Seattle jeweler that creates beautiful custom jewelry as well as sells a curated collection of vintage pieces. They also work to support orphaned children through every purchase, allowing the thoughtfully crafted pieces to help change lives. 


The goal of these campaigns was to show off the beautiful work created by Baraka while encouraging users to purchase their jewelry locally. 

The designs work to build some interest with the hand-drawn flowers and a prominent call to action, while still showing off the gorgeous gems and jewelry and putting it at the center. 

Cathy’s Concepts

Cathy’s Concepts is a household name in the gifting sector, especially surrounding weddings. With their beautiful glassware, dishes, bags, and more, everything is customizable with a monogram that makes for a thoughtful gift for weddings and more. 


The site we built for Cathy’s Concepts was the first time they were going direct to consumers in their more than 30 years of business, so the goal of the campaigns was to build awareness for users shopping for wedding gifts. Cathay’s offers gifts for both the bridal party, brides, and can even apply to realtors or those who are simply looking for customized items. 

The design of the ads was made to show off the products and use engaging copy to pull customers in. The designs use a combination of lifestyle photos to show off the customized products for both potential wedding gifts and even just those entertaining. The clean designs stay true to the brand while keeping viewers engaged.  

Dainty Jewell’s

Dainty Jewell’s sells modest women’s clothing that is stylish and thoughtfully designed. They partnered with efelle on their website redesign, which ended up in a bit of a brand refresh with an updated logo and new assets created that spoke to who they were as a brand. 


The goal of this campaign was to build awareness of the options available for women who are looking for feminine and classy clothing. With a strong online presence already, we wanted to further expand the reach of Dainty Jewell’s, as well as continue to show off their new clothing and accessories that came out each month. 

The designs are made to reflect the feminine and classy brand, combining a serif type font with a script as the call to action. Pulling inspiration from the website, we did some thin frame overlays and some flat lay patterns and leaves, giving the ads a bit of visual interest without taking away from the beautiful clothing. 

Baby Riddle

Baby Riddle provides a fun way to enjoy the surprise of finding out your baby’s gender while also making sure the new parents feel prepared by working with the family’s doctor to pre-make a box knowing the gender so it can still be a surprise for the parents! They have a huge stock of products, they ship quickly and cost-effectively, and they’re known for their great customer service.


Their goals with the campaign were to increase conversion rates, build awareness, and grow their business overall. With that in mind, we created targeted campaigns and designed out accompanying ads. 

The design was created to build awareness of Baby Riddle and show the fun behind their business. While there are definitely some people searching for gender-specific clothing, we also wanted to expand the reach of their business and provide an ad that shows off all the adorable clothing offered in the first place. The product images along with the fun icons build on the excitement of having a new baby.

Digital Ads are like the front door to your website. It needs to share enough information to get people to come inside, and the best part is, you can target it towards people who are already interested! They’re an effective way to build awareness of your business and even remarket to people who have visited your site before. Have you considered digital ads for your business?

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