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Rheena Stirm Posted by Rheena Stirm on March 19, 2013

Homebuilders Can Boost Sales Using Visual Social Media as the First Choice

Homebuilders Can Boost Sales Using Visual Social Media as the First Choice

Homebuilders Can Boost Sales Using Visual Social Media as the First Choice

Using the right visual social media outlets can boost sales for homebuilders.

A picture really does paintSocial Media for Homebuilders a thousand words when it comes to prospective homebuyers. In fact, while homebuyers are quite willing to read text about the home, they must first see a picture to motivate them to do so.That's what makes visual social media so important for marketing your home building company.

Photos Attract Homebuyers

Research proves what everyone in the housing market already knew. Photos are the best way to attract people who want to buy a house. A recent study by Paul E. Carrillo proved that listings accompanied by multiple photos were on the market for a 20 percent less time and sold for 2 percent more than anticipated.

In another study of home buyer internet search behavior,Michael J. Seiler, Poornima Madhavan and Molly Liechty used ocular tracking technology to record the way home buyers view web pages. By tracking the micro-movements of the eye, researchers could discover exactly what caught viewers' eyes. They found that viewers followed the letter "Z" pattern repeatedly, as opposed to the hyped letter "F" pattern most marketers suggest.

Photos Draw Eyes to Them

Photos quickly captivate viewer attention and hold it. Eyes return to the photo repeatedly as viewers take breaks from reading. Of note,visitors tended to view a photo they noticed first many times, without returning to other photos.

Ideal Page Layout

These studies show us that the prime real estate for images on a web page is at the top right. Viewers will first look to the top left, then to a photo on the top right, to which they will return many times, if the photo is a captivating one. But photo placement is not the only way to optimize marketing for homebuilders. The presentation media matters as well.

Facebook and Twitter Outclassed Visually by Pinterest and Tumblr

You don't have to be an artist to notice that sites like Pinterest and Tumblr have a definite visual edge over Facebook and Twitter.These advantages also promote home sales more effectively. They allow homebuilders to visually appeal to viewers most effectively.

Pinterest is probably the best social media site to sell homes. The layout is pleasing and resolution is good enough to look glossy. Tumblr is another great option, a hybrid of traditional website and social media. It has many of the aspects of social media while providing a much more attractive and customizable format than nearly any other form of social media.


While Pinterest and Tumbler offer better visual appeal, Facebook and Twitter's popularity outpaces them. Homebuilders can take advantage of both types of social media by being active on Facebook and Twitter, but using these popular sites to invite viewers to their own websites or Pinterest and Tumblr pages,where they can display your homes in the best light.

Let our marketing experts help you maximize sales through visual social media.

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