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Christian Singleton Posted by Christian Singleton on April 07, 2021

How to Use Your Website As A Recruiting Tool

How to Use Your Website As A Recruiting Tool

Using Your Website to Attract New Employees & Grow Your Team

While oftentimes the focus of a website is to attract leads, business, and grow sales, an often overlooked opportunity comes in using your website to recruit for new talent. The great thing is -- you can optimize your site for lead generation, while still making it a viable place for potential employees to browse potential work opportunities.

We’re going to share 6 tips on how to make your service website a recruiting tool!

1. Have a Dedicated Place

When it comes to sharing about careers and joining your team, you should have a whole separate place on your website for this. Don’t just post a new listing in a blog where it can easily get lost, make sure it’s a place that recruiters and employees alike can find. Whether it’s a page called “Join Our Team” or “Careers,” it should be any easily navigable place on your site.

2. Create a Custom Form

Within your CMS, you should be able to create a custom form on your careers page specific to their application. Whether you want to ask a few pre-screening questions or learn more about the position they’re applying for, you should create a form that is different from your normal lead-gen contact form for recruits.

3. Show Off Photos of Your Team

When people are looking at jobs, it’s often important for them to see who they may be working with. These could come in the form of a full team listing, or just lifestyle photos of some of the team they’ll be working with.
You can show off photos of team members in meetings, or even on job sites -- whatever it is, you should do so with the goal of giving people a taste of the culture and what its’ like to work at your business.

4. Answer FAQ About Jobs

Depending on your industry, there may be some questions people often ask about the job. Answering those directly on your career page can help sort out some of the recruits or interest others. It’s a great way to save time for your team and make your process more efficient. One we see often is remote vs. in person work. If you don’t accept remote positions for certain roles, you can put that in the FAQ so that your team doesn’t have to sort through a bunch of applications and questions for remote workers.

5. Share Some Highlights

Why do people love working for your company? Maybe it’s flexible work from home schedules or the great culture and you’ve been recognized for it. Whatever it may be, show that off on your careers page! Include an employee testimonial, or even any workplace awards you’ve won. 
You can list these in bullet points, content, or even create some icons so you can quickly highlight some of your most important aspects for recruits.

6. Link Throughout the Site

If you’re actively hiring, make sure that your careers page is accessible throughout the site. Oftentimes it can be found in the footer, and is sometimes linked in the About Us page as well. If you’re actively recruiting often, you could even put it in the header navigation.

When it comes to recruiting for your business, your website is a great tool for you to use, whether your approach is aggressive or subtle. Take these tips into account and turn your website into a virtual recruiting machine!

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