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Jessica Bryant Posted by Jessica Bryant on July 30, 2015

How to Write Email Newsletter Subject Lines That Actually Get Clicks

How to Write Email Newsletter Subject Lines That Actually Get Clicks

You labor over your email newsletter, ensuring that the call-to-action is perfect, that the images are beautiful, and that your readers will be surprised and delighted whenever they click through.

But actually getting them to click through? That can be extremely tricky.

What makes people open email newsletters?

SuperOffice found the scince behind the email open rate. They found that 45% are likely to open based on who its from and 33% of email recipients opened a message just because of the subject line -- and that a large percentage landed in the spam folder. Which means if you’re treating it as an afterthought, you may be missing out on a large portion of your potential readers and clients.

Here are some quick tips for crafting the perfect subject line:

Don’t: Use all of those “sales” words.

This tip comes straight from the experts at MailChimp, who say that words like “free” and “percent off” not only turn customers off, they also end up in spam filters. Others to avoid? “Limited time” and “deal.”

Do: Show your personality!

If a person has subscribed to your email newsletter, it’s because they want to hear from you. Don’t be afraid to get personal and interesting in your subject lines. Beginning your subject line with a “Hey!” or using colloquialisms that your brand uses is a smart way to stand out in a crowded inbox and entice recipients.

Don’t: Bother taking up valuable space with hashtags.

Hashtags are designed to make content more searchable. And while people might go back looking through their email inbox by a hashtag included in a subject line, it’s very unlikely.

Do: Be economical with your subject lines.

If a person is quickly checking their email, you want to make sure they get your point (or are at least curious about what you might have to say) in a hurry. Try to keep your subject lines short and sweet; according to one report, six to 10 words is the ideal length for optimal open rates.

Don’t: Be overly cutesy or topical.

Lots of people check in with all of their email newsletters at once, which means you might sit in their inbox, unopened, for several days. If you’re too reactionary to something that happens in the ultra-quick news cycle, you might run the risk of being dated by the time they get around to reading your message.

Do: Include music, movies, or other pieces of entertainment

Whether it’s the anniversary of Back to the Future or a movie that’s currently in theaters, referencing pop culture can be a good way to draw people in. Culture is fun and interesting, and can offer a break from an inbox that’s otherwise all business. And because there’s a longer lifespan for movies and music, you don’t have to worry about becoming old news.

Bonus points: Personalizing email subject lines can increase open rates by a factor of six. If you have the capability, include your recipients name right in the subject line. It’ll take up valuable space -- but it’ll be worth it!

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