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Jessica Bryant Posted by Jessica Bryant on February 28, 2014

Inform, Inspire and Motivate: How to Bring More Creativity to Your Web Marketing

Inform, Inspire and Motivate: How to Bring More Creativity to Your Web Marketing

Inform, Inspire and Motivate: How to Bring More Creativity to Your Web Marketing

Find and leverage creative talent to drive web-marketing success.

It’s always been true that visibility is important to a company’s success. They must find ways to stand out from the crowd to get more attention, more patronage and usually, more profits. But to stand out and attract attention, you need to be different. And to be different, you need to be creative. So how can you cultivate the creativity your organization needs to make your business stand out and be noticed?

Uncovering Creativity

Think of the most creative people you know in popular culture – Robin Williams, Lady Gaga, Steve Jobs – these successful minds all had powerful ideas to share with the world. Not everyone likes their ideas and not everyone will even understand them, but they gained plenty of attention by being different.

And where did those ideas come from? Often, they arise from life experiences. Creative minds connect events and memories in their lives in ways that inform, inspire and motivate. And in the end, isn’t that what you want your marketing to do?

Recognizing Creative Talent

Whether you look inside your organization or hire from outside, you need to recognize the signs of a truly creative mind. They know how to whittle ideas down to their essences – the core truths that almost anyone can relate to. They then find ways to present that core truth in a way that encourages inspiration, recognition and enthusiasm from the audience.

The kind of creative talent you want can do it every day. New ideas to them are like morning coffee to you. It’s just a normal part of the day. Candidates should be able to show you several creative and successful ideas from their past.

And, just as these individuals are not like you creatively, you wouldn’t expect them to be like you in the workplace. The most creative minds aren’t the team players you’re looking for on your sales team. So, don’t paint all workers with the same broad brush. Although it’s true that teams are very good at accomplishing tasks, they are much less effective at unconventionality. In creative endeavors, independence is much more important.

Creative individuals aren’t driven to succeed by structure and familiarity. Those pillars may be guideposts for your other employees, but they can be mind numbing to your creative staff. It’s important that once hired, your creative professionals have room to breathe, think and create.

That doesn’t mean you have to put beanbag chairs in the cafeteria or host Ping-Pong competitions every week. But it does mean standing behind your “open door” policy. Heck, take the thing off its hinges altogether. If you want new and exciting ideas, you have to be available and open to them.

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