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Ryne Baerlocher Posted by Ryne Baerlocher on April 29, 2020

Is it Time for a New Website? How to Know When it's Time For a Redesign.

Is it Time for a New Website? How to Know When it's Time For a Redesign.

You might not be considering a website redesign… but should you be? 

While some signs are more obvious than others, it might be hard to put yourself in the shoes of your consumer or customer to know if you need a website redesign. 

Oftentimes, there’s a lot of confusing jargon that is thrown around with websites as well as questions like “is the design outdated?” which, albeit is a good question to ask but you’re probably not a designer, so how are you supposed to know the latest website trends? To help you practically think through the necessity for a website redesign, we’re going to share 5 questions to ask yourself when trying to decide. We’ll provide a few clarifying questions as well. Your answer will help guide your thinking to help you understand if it’s time for a redesign. 

Is my website mobile responsive? 

We cannot overstate how important it is to have a mobile-friendly website. A quick refresher: if a site is mobile responsive, it means that it’s made to look good on every type of device and adapts to the specific device. That means if you’re looking at a site on your iPhone you don’t have to zoom and click on tiny buttons because a site is made to be viewed on a 20” desktop screen. A quick test is to go onto your own website on a device that’s not your computer - whether it’s a tablet or phone and see how easy it is to use. It’s become the norm and by now in terms of both client expectations as well as how your site will do in terms of search engine results. 

According to Stat Counter, over 52% of searches start on a mobile device. If your site isn’t mobile-friendly you’ll be missed by over half the people who are searching! You could be a perfect fit for them, but without ar responsive website they may never become a customer. 


As you can see - our site for Dainty Jewell's is viewable and optimized for viewing on any and all devices, allowing users to shop wherever they may be. 

Is my website getting leads/selling products?

It’s important to consider the goal of your website. Is it to sell something as an eCommerce store? Or bring in potential leads for your service business? Is it doing that well? And do you think you could be doing better? When you consider what the purpose of your website is, you can figure out if it’s doing its job very well. If it’s not, it’s important to consider why it may not be - it could be poor SEO, an outdated design, or a site that is difficult to use. 

Is my website going to help or hinder my growth? growthdark.png

It’s important to consider if your website is in a place to help you reach your goals. If your goal is to sell more products on your website but you’re on an outdated system that doesn’t allow you to implement some new apps, then you’re stunting your own growth. Maybe you’re a service business who is looking to expand their service offerings but your design isn’t flexible enough for you to add more services… again your website is hindering your growth as a whole. 

We're sharing this stat from one of our clients who felt like her site wasn't fully reaching its potential. Turns out, it wasn't! With a full redesign and digital marketing strategy, we were able to see almost a 63% increase in sales in their first quarter after launch!

Do I know how to easily update my website? 

Is it difficult if you have to update your hours, add a new service or product, or make a change on your site? Do you find yourself avoiding making changes because it’s cumbersome? If your site is not easy to update now… it’ll never get any easier. And you’re going to have to make updates and changes eventually, so why not put it on a system that’s easier to use? 

Last but not least… Do I feel excited to tell people to check out our website? 

This one can be very telling. If someone has a question about a service or wants to shop online, are you excited to send them to your website or do you apologize when they have to use it? How do you feel when you look at your site then look at your main competitors? If you aren’t excited about your website, why should your customers be? 


The team at Farr Law Group was an enthusiastic group of lawyers whose old site really did not represent their professionalism, expertise, and passion for their clients. With their new site, they're excited to send clients there to learn more about their practices, team, and even some of their favorite spots for lunch near their office. 

Some signs are more obvious than others, but in the end, reflecting on your current website, your future goals, and asking yourself these questions can help you decide. If you’re still not sure, ask an agency for a free consultation to see where you might need improvement. Sometimes it’s not a website redesign but rather a better SEO strategy or email drip campaign, but you’ll never know if you don’t ask.

Ready for a website redesign? 

We can help. As experts in the field, website redesigns are our bread and butter and we’re happy to help you meet your goals and get you excited about your website! We’ll start with a free consultation and then start dreaming about fun ideas for your new site. Fill out the form here and someone will contact you shortly.