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Guest Writer Posted by Guest Writer on September 05, 2019

Law Firm SEO: 3 Actionable SEO Techniques To Dominate Google

Law Firm SEO: 3 Actionable SEO Techniques To Dominate Google

Are you searching for new clients for your law firm?

If so, I have some exciting news. Potential customers are already searching for you!

It’s true, just consider these stats.

  • 96% of people seeking legal advice use a search engine
  • 74% of consumers visit a law firm’s website to take action
  • 62% of legal searches are non-branded (i.e. generic: Phoenix divorce attorney)
  • 72% of people seeking legal advice only contact one attorney

In short, if you want to attract new clients to your law firm, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is perhaps the most effective way to do so.

Here are three tips get your SEO campaign started.

1. Create a user-centric website (that your customers AND Google will love!)

There’s one big question you should ask when creating a law firm website. And that is…

What’s in it for the customer?

Get that part right and the search engines will also love you.

So, where do you start?

Let’s look at a few examples below.

Make the information easy to skim read


No jargon, no overly complicated legal explanations, and no long blocks of text. Keep sentences short, paragraphs broken up, and use bullet points and sub-headers wherever possible to help with skim reading.

Use graphics/images and bold important terms


Use plenty of images and graphics to break up text and make it easier to digest. Also, use bold text to make important terms stand out.

Make it easy to navigate

Can visitors find what they need in a click?

All key pages should be accessible from the homepage and be no more than two clicks away from any page. A ‘flat’ link structure like this requires a fairly detailed drop-down menu on your home page.


2. Turbocharge your website’s speed

Nothing damages the user experience like a painfully slow website.

Google says that page-load speed matters for SEO. It’s one of the 200+ ranking factors according to Backlinko.

How’s your site’s speed? Check it using this free tool from Google.

To make your website super-fast:

  • Select a premium hosting platform (for WordPress websites we recommend WP Engine).
  • Compress all images prior to uploading them to your website.
  • Install a cache plugin to reduce load times.

If this is outside of your expertise, get your web developer to support you with these modifications.

3. Create practice area power pages

After your Home page, your practice area pages are the most important on your website.

Create pages that super-charge your presence and provide users with relevant, easily readable information.


  • Short, easy-to-read sentences
  • Include images – at least one per page, with dimensions 600 x 400
  • Sub-headers and
  • Bullets to make pages easier to skim read

You can see each of these features on the Family Medical Leave Act page of employment law firm, Werman Salas.


One unique page per practice area.

Create one unique page per practice area – don’t confuse your customers by trying to cram multiple services onto one page.


Remember, you can only target one or two keywords per page. So it makes perfect sense to create a separate page for each of your practice areas.

A special thanks to our guest blogger, Calin Yablonski, who is the founder and lead strategist at Inbound. If you'd like to see all 19 actionable tips, be sure to check out Inbound's blog to see the list and some other great content!