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Marc Takeuchi Posted by Marc Takeuchi on April 15, 2015

Link Building Locally - Looking Under Every Rock

Link Building Locally - Looking Under Every Rock

Link Building Locally - Looking Under Every Rock

Under-utilized local link building ideas 

Small businesses know that when it comes to reaching their audience online, they only need to be easier to find than the next guy. But the next guy is already doing everything you’re doing. He’s already hired optimized his webpage for search and mobile. He’s already on Google Maps and local search directories like Yahoo and Yelp. He’s already made certain these citations match across all sites. He’s already used advanced search queries to find other local listing opportunities in niche directories. So what can you do to be more findable? Be everywhere he isn’t. 

Pay Attention to Your Community

It takes time, but it’s well worth it. You should be reading your local newspaper every morning as well as watching local television reports to be aware of opportunities the other guy is missing. Pay particular attention to sponsorships, which are a great way to build linkable connections at a low cost. Charities, local schools, pet shelters and the like are good places to start. Look for these opportunities too:

  • Opportunities to Speak – Speaking at a local college or a charity event near and dear to you is another great way to earn both exposure and links. 

  • Local Forums – A do-follow link in a local forum has a small SEO value, but a huge business building one. By offering frank, non-nonsense information on topics related to your business, you reach a local audience directly.

  • Links from Vendors – If you have a local artist’s work hanging in your front office, ask the artist for a link. If a contractor did work on your building, offer a testimonial and ask them to include a link to your website. This applies to caterers, cleaning services, the pizza guy, suppliers and any other local business you work with. They’ll all be happy to link back in exchange for your glowing (but honest) review.

  • Ask Customers - Ask your customers for online testimonials. If you think it’s tacky, get over it. If your service level is high, the response from customers will be too. 

  • Discount Partnerships – You could also consider offering group discounts to workers for larger local businesses in exchange for a link. 

Link Building Comes with Risks

Link building, local or not, comes with the risk of Google penalties. The web has evolved to the point where you should have an expert helping you build links. If you insist on doing it yourself, you should never pay for a link – and some of the ideas above to run that gray area of paid vs free. Link building that doesn’t attract Google penalties is complex and requires expert guidance. 

The most effective but safe method is to work with a local SEO expert to build links. You do the digging to find opportunities and always keep an eye out for opportunities. When you find one, talk it over with your expert before taking action.

Ask efelle for local link building guidance.

We’re a Seattle-based business that helps businesses locally and nationally. We understand the risks involved in link building and can help you be easier for locals to find than the next guy. Call us at 206.384.4909 or use our online contact form to arrange for a free local link building consultation