Website Project Launches

Courtenay Adams Posted by Courtenay Adams on April 21, 2017

Luvera Law Firm's New Website is Now Live!

Luvera Law Firm's New Website is Now Live!

Nationally Acclaimed Law Firm Gets Fresh and Responsive Website

Luvera Law Firm specializes in representing seriously injured clients, structuring well-planned and individualized approaches for each case, and consistently achieving positive results. By putting clients first, the firm and its attorneys have achieved impactful success and national recognition. But more important than the glory is Luvera’s mission is to create positive change for both its clients and for the world at large.

Luvera Law Firm takes personal injury law to the next level—now they have a website to showcase that fact.

Website Design & Development Specs

Operating on efelle’s FusionCMS website content management system, Luvera’s newly launched site is responsive, easy to navigate, and rich with keyword-driven content to help Luvera capitalize on search engine optimization (SEO). They opted for a stylish and stately website design to emphasize their firm’s professional presence and the high standard to which they hold their own staff. The partners at Luvera know they have the best attorneys in the business on their team; now they can rest assured that prospective clients will discover this for themselves when querying Luvera’s areas of practice on the web’s most popular search engines.

One of Luvera’s major requirements for the site was for it to be flexible and easy to update; after all, with new results and updates on cases pouring in often, it’s crucial they keep their clients and prospective clients up to date with accurate information. Fusion gives Luvera the tools they need to keep their content effortlessly fresh. For instance, Luvera’s practice area listings make it easy for website visitors to discover the areas of law in which the firm specializes—while also allowing the Luvera team to pull in the firm’s major results in each area. Likewise, the blog allows Luvera to seamlessly update company and case news as well as to highlight the latest achievements by its attorneys.

Our team also built out easy-to-update staff listings for the Luvera team. Here, the Luvera team can showcase the attorneys operating in each practice area, show off individual awards and recognitions, and provide users with downloadable contact information for easy reference, even while on the go.

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