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Fred Lebhart Posted by Fred Lebhart on November 06, 2019

Marketing Ideas for Construction Companies

Marketing Ideas for Construction Companies

Grow Your Construction Company Business with These Tips

Marketing your construction company can be crucial to the growth of your business and sustainability to your business. There are some larger strategies your team can undertake including SEO and PPC, but if you’re looking for something that your team can take on right now, check out six of our favorite marketing ideas.

1. Email To Show Off Your New Projects

Engage with your current and past clients by sharing the new projects you’re working on. Keeping them up to date on what you’re doing keeps you top of mind for new projects, as well as reinforces their decision to choose your team. 

2. Create Videos of to Share How Machines Work

Construction equipment can be loud, big, and overall interesting to people who aren’t around them everyday. In the age of viral videos, sharing how something works through a short video can grab users attention. We’ve shared before how effective videos are, so share a short one to your users - we promise they’ll think it’s more interesting than you might think!

3. Before & After Posts

People love to see the work you’re doing - whether it’s internal tenant improvements, creating a brand new building, or a renovation. Before and Afters are especially intriguing in this day and age when users are looking for instant satisfaction. Consider photos, videos, and our favorite - sliders, as a way to share satisfying videos of before and after your projects. 


4. Share Community Involvement 

A lot of companies partake in community events such as sports leagues, community service, and holiday donations. Share how much you care about your community with your users by posting on social media and your blogs. Beware, don’t get braggy about your endeavors, but you can share in a tasteful way that can appeal to potential and current clients, as well as potential recruits!

5. Post on Socials 

Social media is a great way to show a more personal side of your business. When you post on your socials consistently, it can become an excellent way to reach new customers and engage with current ones. Social media can become a new type of networking that keeps you top of mind for current and potential clients, as well as giving your business a personal feel. 

6. Consider SEO 

Whenever you’re writing, sharing, or posting anything, think about how you can be optimizing for search engine optimization. Search is often how people discover new businesses and information, so writing content for your keywords, internal linking, and optimizing your site organically can be a great way to bring new customers in. 

Our favorite way to build organic SEO for free? Blogging! Sharing helpful blogs, answering your frequently asked questions, and sharing about new projects in your area can be a great way to build SEO if you’re implementing the right keywords. 

Seeing results from your marketing can see results when you are consistent, work hard, and set goals. Implementing a few changes can make a big difference in the long run and help you grow your business. 

Need help implementing marketing for your construction company? 

It doesn’t have to be complex. We can break down the best and most strategic options for your business. Reach out through our form here and let one of our digital strategists offer a free consultation of your current website and digital marketing strategy.