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Marc Takeuchi Posted by Marc Takeuchi on April 01, 2013

Marketing Your eCommerce Site with Newsletters: Content Counts!

Focus on content to make sure your eCommerce newsletter campaign succeeds.

It's common knowledge that eCommerce Newsletter Marketingnewsletters are excellent marketing tools for eCommerce websites, yet some marketers swear them off forever. After going through all the intricacies of A/B testing and using automation tools to be sure newsletters go out at just the right time, they still don't see success. They may even master eye-catching Re: lines that reward them with high open rates, but still no increase in sales. Why do some marketers fail at newsletter marketing? It's because they haven't mastered content.

Before you give up on your ailing newsletter campaign, remember all the benefits it can bring once you master content:

  • Generate more leads
  • Deepen connections with existing customers
  • Solidify your reputation as an expert
  • Convert leads to customers
  • Increase website traffic
  • Create sharable content to spread the word about your products further

Knowing all this, and having nailed the technical nuts and bolts of a newsletter campaign, you can't give up until you've taken a good look at what's inside those mailings. Delivering your newsletter correctly and tweaking it to maximize open rates is vital. But none of that helps you unless you master content. Writing a successful newsletter means creating emotional connections with your readers.

The best newsletters engage readers with an array of items that capture the interest of a diverse customer base. They also help the reader get to know you and your company a little bit better.

Creating an emotional connection starts with content that is valuable, useful, exciting, engaging and humble:

  • Offer value: Including sales and special discounts for subscribers gives instant value to your newsletter.
  • Be Useful: Articles that cover tips and tricks related to your products will be well received. Consider answering commonly asked customer questions or disclosing industry secrets that can help consumers get the best deal.
  • Generate Excitement: Include information on the latest trends associated with your product lines, focusing on the hottest sellers. Share a glowing review from another customer and give a public, but personal thanks to that customer for the compliment.
  • Engage: Get real and share what's going on with your company to reach readers on a personal level. Further engage readers by directing them to other high-traffic articles on your blog. If others are reading it, there's a good chance this reader will be interested too (and grateful for the tip).
  • Be Humble: Remember that the goal is to build a relationship with another person. Don't use your newsletter as a shouting platform to promote your products. Instead, offer discounts as a thank you, give tips as advice from one knowledgeable friend to another, be enthusiastic and sincere in your news items and speak to your reader like a family member when sharing the latest happenings in your company. This isn't about making sure the reader knows how great you are. It's about you already knowing your company is great and sharing the best things about it with the reader.

Of course, if you write like a college professor, you're going to have a hard time offering any of the above to your leads. Write in the style that works best on your blog and you'll do well with your newsletter.

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