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Amanda Eldreth Posted by Amanda Eldreth on November 13, 2016

More control over SEO included in New FusionCMS 4.9

More control over SEO included in New FusionCMS 4.9

New FusionCMS System Update Gives More Control Over SEO

Some extensive updates have been made to the way FusionCMS handles SEO includes and tracking codes. Where previously these blocks of code were largely handled the same way across the board, these updates allow for a much greater level of control. The changes that have been implemented include the following:

  • Ability to create additional include types.
    You can create as many different types of includes as needed directly from the FusionCMS, and can use them any number of times.
  • Ability to insert includes in specific areas of the page.
    Originally Google preferred includes at the end of the HTML body. They have since changed that to require them to be in the head of the HTML document. You now have the freedom to define for each include where it should go (header or footer)
  • Ability to insert on specific pages.
    There is still an option to create an "all pages" include, however, you can now also create "frontpage only" includes (for verification codes), "checkout only" includes (for includes that go on the ecommerce "thank you" page) as well as "specific page" includes (where we can select a specific, individual page for a code to go on)
  • Full, automated ecommerce tracking
    As part of this update, if your website utilizes ecommerce functionality, and you are using the latest version of the Google Analytics include, your website will automatically track ecommerce transactions through your Google Analytics account. This allows you to track and report against online sales directly from your Google Analytics stats.

If your site has not already received this update, and you need this functionality, please be sure to open a support ticket at so we can make sure to add this to your website.