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Maya Anderson Posted by Maya Anderson on February 28, 2019

Natural Care Brand Gets a New Logo, Label, & eCommerce Website

Natural Care Brand Gets a New Logo, Label, & eCommerce Website

We Created New Brand Assets and Designed and Developed a Fresh eCommerce Website for Natural Health and Personal Care Brand Viva Doria

Viva Doria has been long committed to providing high-quality, natural health and personal care products to customers, but when they came to our team, they didn’t feel their current branding represented that fact. Not only were they in the market for a modern, mobile-responsive eCommerce website, they also wanted to move away from the “handmade” feel of their current branding toward something more professional—all without sacrificing on the dedicated-to-nature vibe that is central to what they do.

What We Did: Website Design and Development Achievements


Our team started the design effort for Viva Doria by giving their logo a major refresh. Their new logo is clean, balanced, and versatile—and looks amazing on their new product package designs which also come courtesy of our design team here at efelle. Together, these brand assets provide Viva Doria with a more polished look that fully represents the quality and innovation that goes into the creation of their products.

We then moved onto the website design and development phase, during which we focused on creating structure and harmony through careful use of white space. Their logo is alluded to throughout the website in the form of both font and color choices as well as in smart, ubiquitous use of the leaf icon, all of which helps increase brand recognition (while simply looking great). Bursts of their new brand green add freshness to content blocks and simple-but-effective calls to action, particularly across each section on the homepage. Taken together, each design element helps steer the user journey and increase the likelihood of conversions.

Developed on BigCommerce’s industry-leading eCommerce platform, Viva Doria’s site is easy to use, fun to look at, and an absolute cinch to navigate. The sticky navigation menu provides users with quick, at-a-glance views of the various product offerings, while the product category pages can easily be filtered and sorted down to specific views.


In addition, we create about pages, a blog space, custom contact forms, and more. To learn more about our efforts on this project, check out the Viva Doria portfolio entry.

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