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Rebecca Blake Posted by Rebecca Blake on May 10, 2022

New eCommerce Marketplace for Louisiana Crawfish Company

New eCommerce Marketplace for Louisiana Crawfish Company

We’ve Launched a Brand New Website Redesign for Live Crawfish Suppliers

About Louisiana Crawfish Company

Louisiana Crawfish Company has been a dream client to work with. The company is family owned and operated and first started in 1985. What started as a humble farm and shipping facility in Natchitoches, has grown to three different locations throughout Louisiana.

Numerous TV shows and publications have featured the company over the years as well.


Goals for Redesign

For this eCommerce marketplace redesign, we had a few key goals:

  • Get the website design a brighter, friendlier feel
  • Highlight quality and family-owned messaging
  • Set up the shipping logistics and rules so the orders can easily be processed


Website Design & Functionality Highlights

Louisiana Crawfish Company prides itself on being an honest and approachable company. The website design had to reflect that friendliness and openness to prospective clients. The content on the site also ensured that the family-owned and high-quality messaging was front and center.

The eCommerce marketplace was developed on FusionCMS and BigCommerce. We also incorporated ShipperHQ and ShipStation. This allowed for setting up the shipping logistics and rules that the Louisiana Crawfish Company needed.


The site also included to track the rewards program and InStockNotify to let the company know when items are out of stock. All these different tools work together seamlessly to ensure that the company’s site functions well for visitors and for the company’s employees.


To learn more and see a before and after of this eCommerce marketplace redesign, visit our portfolio

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