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Marc Takeuchi Posted by Marc Takeuchi on September 07, 2018

New eCommerce Website for Groundbreaking Pet Supplements Company is "Pawesome"

New eCommerce Website for Groundbreaking Pet Supplements Company is

We Designed and Developed a New Online Store and Corporate Website for PetsZX Inc.

PetsZX was formed as a response to the often damaging manufacturing process of many pet foods. This process regularly includes heat treatment which can compromise the food’s nutritional value by causing vitamin loss and reducing protein quality.

To make sure pets across America are getting the proper nutrients in their diets, the team at PetsZX developed a line of cutting-edge pet supplements that can help optimize the nutritional profile of every meal. They currently offer four products in their Pet Power ZX line, including the First Aid Spray ZX, Omega 3 ZX, and their flagship product, Pet Power ZX (available for both dogs and cats). They make all their products with high-grade ingredients, from wild Alaskan fish oil harvested from pristine Alaskan waters to powder made from human-grade chicken products.

The PetsZX team comprises animal lovers who are committed to your pets’ health and wellness. In this spirit, the company also gives back to the pet community by donating portions of its proceeds to local animal shelters.

At efelle, we not only fell in love with PetZX’s story, our team is also full of animal lovers! We were excited to work with the PetZX team on this project.

Website Design and Development Opportunities and Successes

One of the PetsZX team’s primary goals was to make their corporate website “not so corporate.” Unlike most bland corporate sites, the goal for the PetsZX was to design a site that offers comprehensive information while also providing a fun user experience for pet owners.

We designed the homepage to be bright and bold. The homepage masthead features adorable cut-out animal photos, large charcoal text, and a bright call-to-action button that encourages users to check out the main area of the site—the store—right away.

Just below this space, we created an area to showcase the company’s TV commercial featuring none other than Seinfeld actor John O’Hurley (Peterman would be proud). Clicking on the play button opens up a wide lightbox that pulls the video in from YouTube—this gives users quick access to all of YouTube’s social features while also improving load speed on the site.

The cut-out style dog and cat imagery is carried throughout the site, sometimes functioning as “book ends” to help structure informational areas while also making them fun to view.

We built the PetZX online store on the BigCommerce platform and developed/hosted all other pages on our own proprietary content management system, FusionCMS. By pairing the power of BigCommerce with our own highly customizable CMS, we get the best of both worlds when it comes to eCommerce design and development.


We added a variety of special features to the online store to increase attractiveness and clickability. For instance, on the category overview pages, we designed and developed a fun circle graphic hover over product thumbnails that encourages the user to click on for more "Product Info." Additionally, simple categorization and sort functionality are user experience features that make navigating the various products easy.

The product detail pages themselves are cleanly laid out and allow users to click through different informational tabs quickly. These areas support a variety of media and offer a space for the PetZX team to share videos centered around specific products. These pages also feature thumbnail links to related products so that users can continue their journeys through the store.


One of the most important areas of the site beyond the homepage and store is Success Stories. Here, real users share their testimonials—including before and after photos and videos of their pets. Given the youth of the brand, it was critical to make this part of the site pop; it’ll be one of the key factors in building trust with new customers. It’s also a great piece for building loyalty since it encourages current customers to engage with the website and share their own stories.

The layout of this area accommodates all forms of media and features a “Pinterest”-style floating tile system that collapses appropriately when viewed at different screen sizes. As always, we built mobile-responsivity principles like this into all areas of the site.

For more information on this project and to view more of our design work, visit the PetsZX portfolio entry.

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