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Tessa Wuertz Posted by Tessa Wuertz on May 01, 2018

New Project Announcement + Design Sneak Peek for Ronix Wakeboards

New Project Announcement + Design Sneak Peek for Ronix Wakeboards

efelle, Ronix Wakeboards, and Radar Skis Team Up for New Website Designs that’ll Blow You Out of the Water

Ronix and Radar are well-known water sports brands with years of experience under their skis. They recently decided to seek out a new design firm to update their website. The goal? Showcasing their products’ functional innovation, cutting-edge design, and general coolness factor while giving their visitors a seamless, easy-to-navigate user experience.

We are stoked to announce they’re partnering with efelle creative for this exciting project.

The teams behind Ronix and Radar share a space in the town of Snoqualmie, Washington. Founded by the same man—Herb O’Brien, who basically invented water skiing—Ronix and Radar mutually aspire to build lab-tested products that are lighter, faster, and all around better than their predecessors.


As a leader in the wakeboard product development game, Ronix’s annual product releases are highly anticipated by pretty much everyone in the industry. With this in mind, nailing their site design is critical—the compositions have to reflect the company’s creative flair and ahead-of-the-game technology. Development of the site will require giving deliberate attention to flexibility—the elements on each page need to be easily swappable to keep up with product releases and promotion priorities.

Radar Skis

Radar Skis is all about passion-driven custom creations built in the lab and meticulously tested on Radar’s aptly named “Radar Lake.” Design priorities for Radar’s site will include amplifying the story and history behind the brand while ensuring the skis and accessories remain front and center.

Design Sneak Peak: Ronix Product Detail Pages

For Ronix’s product detail pages, we’re focusing on the following:

  • Capturing the user’s eye straightaway by featuring large and compelling full-width imagery

  • Adding visual cues to the Product Features tab for information that is easy to access and process from an at-a-glance view

  • Reorganizing product content to create an optimal user experience—Descriptions, Videos, Photos, Size Charts, Related Products and more are all available immediately below the masthead area making it simple for the user to find exactly what they’re looking for (and then some)

Ronix Sneak Peak of Product Detail Page 1

Ronix Sneak Peak of Product Detail Page 2

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