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Amanda Eldreth Posted by Amanda Eldreth on December 09, 2016

New FusionCMS Module Released: SEOv2

New FusionCMS Module Released: SEOv2

Full control over SEO data makes its way to FusionCMS


A new SEO module has been released, which gives users full control over anything SEO related from an easy to use, centralized interface. This module allows control over all page titles and meta tags as well as the ability to include specific SEO includes and tracking codes in various areas of each individual page of the website.

This module also enables access to modify SEO parameters of pages that have historically been more difficult to update on the fly (such as system-generated pages that are part of areas like checkout, confirmation pages, etc.). Additionally this module allows for creation of 301-type redirects directly from the content management system as well as user-specified 404 pages (useful for redirecting links that should no longer appear on the site). The 404 redirect process also allows the user to create a custom 404 page directly from the content management system.

Currently we are expanding features to also include:

  • the ability to also modify the templates used for each page, directly from this module
  • selection of custom masthead image for a page
  • selection of a custom set of spotlights for individual pages
  • the ability to tag any page with tags or keywords that can be used elsewhere in the site for things like searching or filtering content based on keywords. This will open up the ability of full-site contextual search that spans all different types of content for any of the modules that are part of the website.

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