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Leslie Schipper Posted by Leslie Schipper on August 02, 2016

Northwest Transportation Company Updates Branding and Website

Northwest Transportation Company Updates Branding and Website

Pacific Northwest Transportation Company Rebrands with a New Logo and Website

Auburn’s Pacific Cascade Distribution has been providing clients with a high level of experience and reliability since 2005, and their 3 locations in the Auburn Valley utilize over 250,000 square feet of modern warehousing and distribution facilities. In addition, they provide efficient trucking services to their warehouses and client customers from the Port of Seattle, Port of Tacoma, and Seatac Airport. 

Pacific Cascade’s Website Redesign and Development Needspacific-cascade-2.png

Pacific Cascade was looking local web design partner to create a fresh new logo and modernized, responsive site that’s structured for optimum organic SEO and highlights their service offerings in an clear and concise way.  On the backend, the site utilizes the FusionCMS system to manage service listings, warehouse locations, staff, contact forms for customers, and more.  The CMS puts Pacific Cascade in control of editing and updating their own content and images which allows the website to evolve as the business grows and changes. Integrated with real-time business intelligence reporting based on analytics, Pacific Cascade is also able to watch where they are receiving the most traffic, how long users are staying, and number of visits to each page.  

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