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Adrianna Ovnicek Posted by Adrianna Ovnicek on May 02, 2019

Our Redesigned Site for Kitsap Culture is Live!

Our Redesigned Site for Kitsap Culture is Live!

Our Second Website for Kitsap Culture is Ready to Rock!

Kitsap Culture is a website dedicated as a resource to those who live or work in the Kitsap region. As the Kitsap team describes themselves: “From art walks to farmers markets; from live theatre to classical music, punk rock and genres in between, Kitsap Culture aims to be a complete guide," and that they are!

When it comes to website refreshes, most recommendations are to update each 2-3 years. While Kitsap Culture's branding remained largely the same, they wanted to clean up the look and feel of the site while keeping the familiar message and similar site content that frequent site visitors would still recognize. With this in mind, we worked closely with the team to create a refreshed and open design with mobile responsivity top of mind. From our previous experience working with Kitsap Culture, we were also able to decide upon the key components of the site and strategize what content needed to be highlighted, what functionality was most important to site visitors, and how we could create another site that matches Kitsap Culture's mission!

Design & Development Achievementskitsapmockup.png

As a current client, we were familiar with the wonderful team and knew the passion and care taken to curate content for the site. We wanted to show off this enthusiasm and dedication through a clean design that lets the content shine. The primary design adjustments were to give users easier access to event and blog content resources, as well as incorporate a few new features, such as the ability for users to view blog posts translated in Taglish or Hindi.

We also worked to pare down content categories for the team and strategically pull upcoming featured events onto the homepage. Life in Kitsap and Music directory listing categories make it easy for the user to find what they're looking for immediately from the homepage. 

We also created a section to spotlight featured and weekly events right on the Homepage, making it easy for visitors to find events occurring in Kitsap County. These events are also tagged based on the type of event - from film and comedy to art and music, allowing users to filter specifically based on what kind of entertainment and event they are looking for.

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