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Jason Shindler Posted by Jason Shindler on June 09, 2020

Our Top 5 Favorite BigCommerce Apps

Our Top 5 Favorite BigCommerce Apps

Grow Your eCommerce Business with the Right Apps 

At efelle creative, we have many clients who use BigCommerce. It is a powerful platform that enables businesses of many sizes to sell products online. The base program has the basics every business needs to compete online -- but there’s often extra functionality that only a subset of users need. That extra functionality often involves integrating with another vendor (such as Constant Contact, Quickbooks, and Yotpo) or adding a feature that only some eCommerce sellers would need.

Every project we touch is different, so there’s no “go-to“ app that we add to every project -- but we certainly have our favorites. Here are a few that come up often on our projects.


No successful eCommerce business runs an online store in a vacuum: there’s always a need to integrate with other systems, like an accounting system, a shipping system or some order management systems. Zapier is like a swiss army knife for such things. It has over 1,500 vendors it integrates with, and has an intuitive and easy to use system for connecting systems together. The system works by creating “zaps” -- basically a simple workflow that says when one thing happens, do something else. Zaps for a BigCommerce store might include “when a new order comes in, create a sales order in QuickBooks” or “when a new customer is created, add them to a marketing list in Constant Contact.”


Not to be confused with Bold (which we also recommend!) or Light Bulbs, Bolt has a clever app that helps larger eCommerce retailers optimize their checkout process to maximize conversions and minimize fraud.   The best part about Bolt is that it is ever-changing -- they are constantly tweaking the checkout process based on the research they are constantly doing to make an effective app even more effective as time goes by.  They are also incentivized to work hard to eliminate fraudulent orders as they absorb all of the cost of fraud. It is a must-have for eCommerce sites that are selling greater than $5 million annually.


BigCommerce supports some basic post-sale shipping tasks, but most eCommerce retailers will either need to feed the data into some internal order management system or will need the functionality of ShipStation. It helps small to medium-sized etailer’s print shipping labels, manage orders, and manage inventories. We've worked with ShipStation on a number of projects and as partners, we've seen that no challenge is to big or small and there if there's a solution out there, it's with ShipStation.


No one considers filing sales tax returns their favorite activity, but Avalara’s AvaTax app is simply the best option for managing the process of filing accurate sales tax returns. Sales Tax for eCommerce retailers is tricky -- you have to collect sales tax for orders shipped to any state where you have a “presence.” That presence can be an employee, a warehouse, a drop shipper, an affiliate relationship, or even just a large amount of sales in an individual state. AvaTax gives you the data to file the returns properly, and they also have a great service that will file the returns for you for an additional fee. AvaTax is included in all BigCommerce tiers as an app that can just be enabled.


One of our most frequently asked questions from clients is how to increase their conversions, and one of our favorite tools to do so is using JustUno. JustUno is an AI-powered platform with numerous different “products” that can help optimize your eCommerce site. They offer everything from exit offers that read when a user is about to leave the site and sends them a pop-up with a discount, to products that offer gamification and spin-to-wins that appeal to visitor’s natural curiosity. It even allows for A/B testing so you can find out which strategies work best for your website. 

While great sites can do a lot for your business, there’s always new ways to grow and optimize your eCommerce store. 

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