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Courtenay Adams Posted by Courtenay Adams on May 07, 2018

Out with the Old, In with the Anti-Aging: efelle creative Partners with BigCommerce to Launch New eCommerce Website for SciLife BioSciences

Out with the Old, In with the Anti-Aging: efelle creative Partners with BigCommerce to Launch New eCommerce Website for SciLife BioSciences

With its Online Store Stuck in a Rut, SciLife Reached Out to efelle creative to Design and Develop a New Website

Nutraceuticals company SciLife BioSciences came to efelle in search of a better online marketing solution for their emerging eCommerce business. Their website was proving unmanageable, their brand messaging scattered, and their team was worried about the scalability of their current eCommerce platform.

Rebrand, Refocus


Our team at efelle led a cohesive rebranding process, from taglines to landing page designs. We leveraged the talents of our branding partners to help hone SciLife’s messaging and draw out the company’s core beliefs and values: SciLife is devoted to using science as a guidepost for developing high-quality, targeted multivitamins and supplements that help support wellness and personal performance.

Design Challenges

Given the growing online community of health and wellness enthusiasts as well as the rapidly expanding appeal of the anti-aging industry, we knew our first challenge was to determine how best to develop a targeted visual brand story with widespread appeal. We also knew the industry itself could pose a challenge—while SciLife’s products are formulated with well-researched and high-quality ingredients, some consumers see the word “nutraceutical” and immediately raise an eyebrow.

Fortunately, we had some clear areas of inspiration.

Dr. Jacob Rosenstein

The first of these was the story of Dr. Jacob Rosenstein—or Dr. R.—noted neurosurgeon and founder of SciLife BioSciences. Dr. R.’s story is one of trial, error, and learning things the hard way until he—through research and grit—discovered success in reversing the signs of aging, both for himself and the patients at his own Southwest Age Intervention Institute. Drawing from these experiences, Dr. R. developed a program to help others extend their personal longevity through the use of exercise, stress management, sleep, and, of course, a proper nutrition regimen featuring finely tuned supplements.

The strength of Dr. Rosenstein’s story in concert with SciLife’s newly defined brand messaging led the decision to feature Dr. R. prominently throughout the website’s design alongside the multivitamins and supplements he helped formulate. Juxtaposed next to the current product array, Dr. R. stands tall in the above-the-fold homepage hero image. To the left,well-placed and inviting calls to action encourage website visitors to explore SciLife’s products and learn more about Dr. R. himself.

The Products


Among the SciLife products, the true star is the Anti-Aging Multivitamin. Dr. R. and the SciLife team developed the Multivitamin with the mission of helping people feel younger and more energetic. This, in turn, inspired SciLife’s brand color palette, including vital blues and greens that bring energy to the visual branding.

Spring green, inspired by the Multivitamin label, functions as the core brand color. efelle’s design uses this hue in a variety of ways: as a gradient backdrop to give some sections extra “pop”; as an indicator of links and CTA buttons; and as a vessel to establish brand consistency sitewide.

Our Development Work

efelle + BigCommerce = Awesome eCommerce Customization


efelle leveraged its Elite-tier partnership with BigCommerce to develop a fun and user-friendly eCommerce experience for SciLife. Together, efelle and BigCommerce allow for next-level functionality that includes product subscriptions, highly navigable and informative product pages, infinite scalability, and more. SciLife BioScience’s eCommerce website is built to grow.

Tied in with our own proprietary content management system—FusionCMS—SciLife’s online store features a fully custom design that would not be possible using a standard eCommerce template. Fusion allows us to update pretty much any page with just a few clicks and to build relationships among all areas of the site—we can easily pull product suggestions into blog posts and newsletter calls to action into product category pages, all without sacrificing our design priorities.

Ready to see our hard work in action? Check out SciLife BioSciences now.

Online Store Sales Not What You Want Them to Be? efelle Can Help!

efelle worked in tandem with BigCommerce and our awesome branding and SEO partners to deliver an online marketing project for SciLife BioSciences that is already showing huge results for the SciLife team. We can do the same for your company! Curious to know more about how we can transform your online store? Contact us today.