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Fred Lebhart Posted by Fred Lebhart on April 05, 2013

Professional Architecture Web Design

Professional Architecture Web Design

Here are some things to consider when getting your new architecture website designedweb-design-for-architects.jpg

It is often part of an architect's job to push the envelope and be creative, so it's no surprise that many architects put form before function when it comes to their websites. But on the web, usability is crucial because no matter how cool and flashy your website is, it will only confuse and frustrate users if it's difficult to navigate and doesn't provide them with the information they seek.

You can be one of the most talented architects out there but if your website doesn't reflect your capabilities and position them as a desirable solution,you won't be taken seriously. That's where professional website design services for architects come in. By hiring a seasoned web design company that specializes in building websites for architects, you can showcase your work in an attractive fashion while meeting your prospects' informational needs.

Usability Comes First

Architects commonly create websites with animated graphics and stunning designs. Their goal is to show prospective clients that their sites are innovative and that they can do the same thing with their clients' buildings.

While a stunning website may initially "wow" a prospective customer, the effect will wear off once the user tries to find his way around the site. Some common mistakes architects make that affect their websites' usability include the use of splash pages, light text on dark backgrounds, and navigation menus that are difficult to make your way around and read.

Content Is King

Many architecture firms' websites are heavy on imagery and light on text because they are designed only to showcase the architect's work and not to capture leads. While it makes sense for an architect's site to have many images and be visually appealing, images alone won't help you attract more clients. Architecture firm websites with little more than imagery are typically one-hit wonders that fail to attract a steady stream of repeat visitors.

Content is king on the web, so you must be sure to include detailed, keyword-rich descriptions of each project image you feature on your site. Moreover, you must create educational content that meets your prospective clients' needs so that they can find your site via the search engines and you can convert them into leads. Far too many architects use their websites to go on and on about how awesome their work is and why clients should work with them, but in the end, prospects only have one thing in mind: their own wants and needs. Creating useful, informative content that engages your potential clients is crucial to providing ongoing value to your audience and getting them to visit your site regularly. The more times prospects visit your website, the more likely they are to become customers.

According to a marketing concept called the Rule of7, a prospect needs to be exposed to a marketing message at least seven times before feeling inclined to take action. By positioning your website as a go-to resource in your industry, you can increase the chances of converting prospects into qualified leads and customers.

Build a Results-Driven Website for Your Architecture Firm

Whether your current website is a poor reflection of your architecture firm's capabilities or it is limiting your ability to keep your content up-to-date and attract new customers, efelle can help. We offer architecture websites that come equipped with FusionCMS,our very own content management system that was built with architects' needs in mind.

FusionCMS's portfolio module allows you to build an attractive portfolio with images and videos that showcase your work, while the blog module enables you to create afresh stream of content that educates your customers and targets their pain points. Give us a call at 206.384.4909 or swing by our contact page if you'd like to learn more about FusionCMS and its online marketing benefits!

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