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Fred Lebhart Posted by Fred Lebhart on February 01, 2018

efelle working to rebrand growing programmatic company

efelle working to rebrand growing programmatic company

HiPop! Media Gets a Killer New Rebrand

PrograMetrix is a programmatic advertising agency that specializes in providing campaign management services for display, mobile, social, video, native, digital audio and programmatic TV media channel. They are a technology centric, innovative advertising agency that is growing fast and reached out to efelle to help them through a rebrand.

One thing our designers love to do here is work through a rebrand with a business. By working through a rebrand, logo design, and website design, our team is able to fully imerse themselves into the new brand as well as keep everything cohesive and design things like the logo with it's future uses in mind. efelle worked to reposition the company from the ground up with a new name, logo, and marketing collateral, with a website following suit.


After working through some branding exercises, our designer Sydne worked to create three different logo iterations. PrograMetrix had recently changed their name from HiPop! Media and were looking for a new logo that positioned them as innovative, reputable, and confident in their skills and new identity. 

Sydne felt it was important to include a logo with text as well as an icon that could be used throughout the marketing collateral as well as colors that could be displayed on dark and light backgrounds. This allows the icon to be used as a distinct design element throughout all sorts of marketing assets. 

Our team decided upon emphasizing the “x” at the end of the name in order to act as a visual differentiator that was representative of the unique and innovative approach to programmatic advertising. Sydne utilized negative space with the four squares to create the "x" and a sleek new icon.


Here at efelle, we truly believe in the importance of understanding your brand story and your business. It allows us to anticipate future events and the trajectory of your business and marketing needs. Understanding your goals and objectives allows us to work with you to achieve those goals, whether they are marketing goals or not. 

The last step in this process is the website which has been designed and is currently being developed. We are expecting a launch at the end of Q1.