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Jessica Bryant Posted by Jessica Bryant on June 18, 2013

Property Management Web Design and Development Project Goes Live!

Property Management Web Design and Development Project Goes Live!

Our Latest Property MANAGEMENT Web Design and Development Project goes live, Cores Management Inc.

Cores Management Inc. is a new property management company that owns and manages multi-family rental properties in the Los Angeles area. Interested in being more than "just a property management company", Cores Management looks forward to growing their reputation as an inviting, community-centric entity and local resource for tenants, while offering transparency to other building owners and 3rd-party management accounts.

Cores Management Inc. Website Details

Cores Management Inc. received a website design that made use of our Property Fusion module which allows for complete real time property listing control with unlimited listing including Photo Galleries. Their new website design is built with Efelle Media’s content management system, FusionCMS for easy to access and easy management, with integrated and enhanced Search Engine Optimization (SEO)- Functionality which allows the site to be easily found by Flatiron Properties’ potential renters.

Check out Cores Management's site on our web design portfolio!

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