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Fred Lebhart Posted by Fred Lebhart on March 25, 2013

SEO for Architects: 5 Tips for Your Firm's Website

SEO for Architects: 5 Tips for Your Firm's Website

Build your search engine visibility and boost rankings for your architecture firm's websiteseattle-seo.jpg

Your website is the hub of your online marketing and lead generation efforts, so it's important to optimize it for search engines and drive as much traffic to it as possible. Using search engine optimization (SEO) to your advantage is key to establishing your online presence and strengthening brand awareness.

SEO is the process of improving your website's visibility in major search engines like Google and Bing. An optimized website is more likely to rank well in search results when users search for relevant keywords. Here are 5 SEO tips that will help take your architecture firm to the top of search engines.

1.Do Your Research

Prior to doing any SEO work on your architecture firm's website, it's crucial to do research to find the keywords that potential clients use to find websites like yours and then build your site's information architecture around them. You should also evaluate the competition for your desired keywords. Start out by focusing on low-competition keywords with good conversion rates because it'll be tough to rank for highly competitive keywords in the beginning.

2.Use Keyword-Rich Titles

Once you know which keywords you want to target, be sure to incorporate them into your site's title and description tags as well as the titles of blog posts, videos, and images. In addition to telling visitors and search engines what your content is about, keyword-rich titles help to improve your website's search engine rankings.

3.Acquire the Same Links Your Competitors Have

Links are the currency of the web, so it's important to accumulate links from reputable sources around the web. Too many architecture firms focus on minute on-page SEO details rather than the big wins that could build up their websites' authority.

You could spy on your competitors by using Open Site Explorer to check their back links. Create a spreadsheet that lists all of the back link sources, and then check each site to determine how you could go about getting a link from the same source.

4.Get a Content Management System

Get a content management system,or CMS, that allows you to easily publish new content on your website and optimize it for search engines. In order to keep your website up-to-date,maintain your search engine visibility, and attract new clients, it's important to publish new website content on a regular basis. A CMS designed for architects, like efelle's own FusionCMS, helps ease the process of updating your website.

5.Embrace Social Media Marketing

Social media signals are a strong indicator of a website's performance in search results, so start getting involved in social media now if you haven't already. Not only does social media marketing play a role in improving your website's search engine rankings, it also helps to grow your architecture firm's online presence and enables you to connect with more prospective clients. Claim profiles on as many social networks as possible to occupy more results for your brand name in search results and prevent others from trying to misrepresent your brand.

Need Help Optimizing Your Architecture Firm's Website?

In addition to offering a CMS that simplifies the process of making your architecture website search engine-friendly, we also provide a full suite of online marketing services for architects. Call efelle's architecture marketing pros at 206.384.4909 or fill out our online contact form for more information about our services!

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