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Adrianna Ovnicek Posted by Adrianna Ovnicek on March 07, 2019

Sharp New Website Now Live for Sports Performance Organization

Sharp New Website Now Live for Sports Performance Organization

We Just Completed Brand-Worthy Website Design and Development Work for a Top-Level Seattle-Based Athletics Performance Company

If you’re curious to know whether what Atavus does is legit (they offer services in athletic performance improvement specific to rugby and American football), you only have to learn that Bobby Wagner, linebacker for the Seattle Seahawks, was recently named the Atavus Ambassador for the 2018–2019 season.

Naturally, we were excited to work with this (literally) game-changing organization when they came to us looking for a better website.

What We Did: Website Design and Development Achievements

Rugby and football are not soft sports, so we knew right away going into this project that we’d have to put together a bold design. We delivered in spades.


High-contrast elements make the content shine through and are punctuated by a gold accent color that alludes to athletic success and victory. Geometrical shapes guide users down and across pages, and vivid calls to action help establish a clear user journey.

The service pages themselves—the central element to this project—are particularly strong; they’re easy to navigate and offer the Atavus team versatile spaces within which to share all forms of details and media relevant to their offerings. Likewise, the camp pages are cleanly laid out and make smart use of tabbed content to keep page scroll down without limiting the amount of information that can be shared.


To view a fuller breakdown of what we did on this project, visit the Atavus portfolio entry.

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