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Amanda Eldreth Posted by Amanda Eldreth on December 17, 2013

System Update: Menubar sorting

System Update: Menubar sorting

Sorting All Menubar Items

A new system update has been released that makes it easier than ever to sort your menubar items all in one place.

To get started...
1) Navigate to the menubar group you wish to sort.

2) Next click the Sort menubar items button to enter the new menubar sorting interface.

3) Now drag-n-drop your menubar items to re-order them (note: re-ordering is automatic with each drag-n-drop action).

It's that simple!

Menubar items can also be nested by simply dragging a menubar item slightly to the right under the menubar item you wish to nest it under.

Sorting Sub Menubar Items

You can also use drag-n-drop sorting on all immediate sub menubar items if you only wanted to order a specific set of items. To do this, click on a menubar item from the Edit Menubar screen. You should see all sub menubar items listed below. Simply drag-n-drop these items to change their order.