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Courtenay Adams Posted by Courtenay Adams on April 24, 2017

Stunning Website for Hot Pot Chain Launched in English and Chinese

Stunning Website for Hot Pot Chain Launched in English and Chinese

Little Sheep Hot Pot Gets Responsive, User-Friendly Website in both English and Chinese

Little Sheep has a mission to bring Inner Mongolia’s thousand-year-old cultural and culinary history to the people of North America, and beyond, through the serving of hot pot—a social meal that finds diners simmering vegetables, noodles and meats in a pot of ambrosial broth located in the center of their table. Though the cooking style is communal in nature, diner’s get to customize the hot pot experience to their own liking: vegetables can be as crisp or soft as desired; meats can be cooked from rare to well done; and individuals who want extra spice can either order a more fiery broth or add a variety of chili oils to their individual dishes.

With over 30 locations in North America alone, Little Sheep’s mission is off to a blazing start. And now they have a website to reflect the awesomeness of their cuisine.

Website Design & Development Specs

Little Sheep came to efelle with the objective of reaching out to a broader American audience by working with a company that offers total online marketing solutions and has history of award-winning design. To emphasize the unique experience of hot pot—Little Sheep-style—the newly launched website uses efelle’s FusionCMS website content management system to showcase their menu offerings, share both Little Sheep and hot pot’s histories, describe the hot pot experience in both photos and words, and display mouth-watering imagery of their ingredients (it was hard to work on this site without getting hungry).

One of Little Sheep’s primary goals was to make it easier for users to find local Little Sheep restaurants. To this end, our team built a highly navigable Locations area that allows users can quickly scope out info for all of Little Sheep's locations across the entire continent—including store hours, menus, addresses, contact info and happy hour specials.

Also on the user-experience front, the power and flexibility of Fusion allows for the new Little Sheep Hot Pot website to be available in both English and Chinese, showcasing a respect for hot pot’s origins and for the diversity of North America’s population.

For more, check out our Little Sheep Mongolian Hot Pot portfolio entry.

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