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Kerry Sweeney Posted by Kerry Sweeney on January 04, 2019

Nonprofit BIAWA Gets a Clean and Responsive New Website

Nonprofit BIAWA Gets a Clean and Responsive New Website

We Just Launched a Modern and User-Friendly Nonprofit Website for the Brain Injury Alliance of Washington

Recently, efelle partnered up with the Brain Injury Alliance of Washington (BIAWA) to design and develop a fresh nonprofit website that not only captures the mission and spirit of the organization, but that provides users with a fun and functional resource for discovering BIAWA and all its offerings, as well.

As a Washington State organization that supports individuals living with brain injuries (and their families), we were happy to be a part of the team that revitalized BIAWA's web presence. We delivered a clean, mobile-responsive design that is easier to navigate than its predecessor and that takes web accessibility to the next level.

Design Inspiration


The BIAWA team was looking for a simple, clean, and fresh website that would better communicate their offerings to the world. We focused on helping their team streamline content and provided a design that is both straightforward and fun, with effective calls to action employed throughout the site and a crisp “sticky” navigation menu that follows users on scroll—users are never more than a click or two away from where they want to go.

Branded purple is the primary color used across each page and is complemented well by bright greens and tealy blues which are employed as accent colors for calls to action and other important content blocks.


Development Successes

One of the key goals of this site was accessibility. Given that not all users are able to access the internet in the same way—which may be particularly true for some dealing with brain injury—we wanted to honor the BIAWA team’s desire to take the site’s accessibility up a notch in as many ways as possible. One key feature here is the user-controllable font size adjustment options on each major page.

We also made sure all elements were high contrast to make viewing text areas easier, and we optimized everything across the site to ensure users accessing it from any device could have an enjoyable experience.

For a full breakdown of the work we completed for BIAWA, check out the portfolio entry.

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