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Kerry Sweeney Posted by Kerry Sweeney on March 12, 2013

Use These Tips to Super Charge Effectiveness of Client Testimonials

Use These Tips to Super Charge Effectiveness of Client Testimonials

Bringing customer testimonials to life increases reader attention and conversions.

In an age whereWebsite Testimonial finding out more about a potential product or service is just a few mouse clicks away, customers place value on information they find trustworthy and dependable. Customer testimonials are an excellent way to present your business in the best light, but a simple quote from a satisfied client simply isn't enough. Your testimonials must make the reader feel an emotional connection before it can sway conversion.

These tip scan help:

Use Photos of Your Satisfied Clients

Using images in your client testimonials is vital for two reasons. First, images draw the eye and make readers spend more time on the page, increasing your chances of hooking their attention. Second, research shows that when a statement includes an image, readers find it more trustworthy.

For testimonials, a high quality, attractive, smiling photo of the client giving the testimonial is the best option. Putting a face to the testimonial establishes credibility and can help the reader feel a personal connection with the customer giving the testimonial. Include images in the sidebar of other satisfied customers and linking them to other testimonials reinforces the idea that your business has many satisfied clients as well.

Tell a Compelling Story

One of the most effective testimonial techniques involves telling a story that demonstrates the client's problem and how your business helped solve it. People respond better to stories than simple product or service descriptions and statistics. Even though it's important to get specific numbers to show the improvements you made for the client, those details don't compel readers to act.

Readers connect first with the story, making them more likely to respond emotionally and take action to solve their own similar problems. The story helps the reader decide to take action, while numbers and statistics help reinforce the decision.

To bring a testimonial to life, take care to save as much of the client's actual words as possible. This brings out the client's personality, making him or her more credible to the reader. People don't speak with perfect grammar. If you change their words to be correct on the page, you water down the impact of the story.

Use Implicit Egotism Instead of Celebrity

Instead of spending big money on a celebrity endorsement,use implicit egotism to connect with readers. Implicit egotism is the tendency for people to gravitate towards things and ideas that most reflect themselves. You can use this to your advantage by focusing on parts of the story that highlight your ideal customer's characteristics. When you tell stories that readers can relate to, it creates an inherent understanding that your business solved one person's problem and therefore can solve the reader's problem too.

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