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Sydne Streich Posted by Sydne Streich on January 23, 2018

Voyage Launches an Epic New Website with efelle

Voyage Launches an Epic New Website with efelle

Voyage came to efelle to create their first ever website and to curate an effective online presence

Epic Voyage is a farm that produces natural cannabis with an emphasis on quality and consistency. All of the cannabis is sourced from Groen farms located in the Cascade volcanic arc region of Northern Oregon. The state of the art facility grows outdoor crop that is grown specifically for extraction before Voyage uses their proprietary processes to extract all of the liquid out.

The farm was acquired by Voyage in 2016 and with the new business, they wanted a new website. The purpose of the website was to create an informative yet interactive design to create a lot of visual appeal while also informing the user about Voyage.


While we love the entire site, we chose three of Voyage’s desires for their website and how we addressed that in our design:

The Want: Voyage wanted to create a visual-heavy design while not creating clutter.

Our Design: The design incorporates overlapping elements and texture pieces to create depth and a strong visual impact.

The Want: To keep users engaged throughout the scrolling homepage and to tell the brand story as the page progresses.

Our Design: Scrolling animation is utilized with design elements sliding in from either side of the screen as you scroll down the page to add movement to keep the user engaged.

The Want: Relay Voyage’s brand message that speaks to the target market correctly.

Our Design: The imagery combines lifestyle shots with product photography to speak to the target user group of males and females ages 25-35.

Check out their epic website here!

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