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Haley Weaver Posted by Haley Weaver on October 25, 2018

We Just Launched a New Website for Construction Industry Firm Aldrich + Associates

We Just Launched a New Website for Construction Industry Firm Aldrich + Associates

Website Design and Development for Bothell-Based Construction Firm with a Focus on Recruitment Marketing and a UX-Friendly Portfolio

For well over four decades, Aldrich + Associates has been executing top-tier construction projects in the Pacific Northwest that are technically complex and often managed in sensitive environments. The Aldrich team’s portfolio is diverse and they’ve all but taken over the healthcare and industrial sectors.

They came to us looking for a new website that would better display the variety of work in their project library and help them with their recruitment efforts. The Aldrich team takes pride in hiring top talent and fostering a strong work environment that prioritizes work-life balance and community.

Website Design and Development Objectives and Successes

To help push Aldrich’s branding forward, we incorporated the geometric lines and earthy tones of the company logo into various design elements throughout the website. Image spaces are often marked by strong angles and beige overtones, and a large-scale version of the logo itself is often featured faded in the background of otherwise bright white content spaces.


Categorized areas of the website—including the projects overview page and the blog—feature easy-to-use filtering that helps improve the user journey and decreases the time involved in finding relevant content. The sticky main navigation menu is likewise UX-friendly and features crisp, clean lines and easy access to the “Contact Us” page (helping to improve lead generation efforts).


In total for this project, we designed and developed sections for a project library, Aldrich team about content, service information, and a blog. We also crafted a “Careers” page to fully showcase the benefits of becoming a member of the Aldrich team.

For a full breakdown of efelle’s efforts on this project, visit the Aldrich + Associates portfolio entry.

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