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Fred Lebhart Posted by Fred Lebhart on January 18, 2011

Web Design Q & A with Henry Delaney

 Website Design Q & A with Henry Delaney

Website Design, SEO, and Email Marketing questions for January 2011

The ah-ha momentFor all of those that have gone through the Web Design process you know – choosing a design for your website is really just the beginning. After your website goes live there are a number of things that come into play, and most business owners end up trying to learn on the fly how to best utilize their website (much the way I did when Efelle Media designed my own website several years ago). Here are a couple of the questions I have run across this month from past, present, and future clients.

Q.“What is the best time to send out my email marketing?”

Brenda Simmons
Waterloo, Iowa

A. Email marketing campaigns are amongst the highest return marketing campaigns there are, and it’s important to give yourself every advantage. Avoid sending email marketing out late at night or on weekends. There is a higher likely hood that it will get thrown into the mix of dozens of other emails that come at night and might be viewed as spam. Efelle Media has seen some of our best results sending emails out mid-day at mid-week; usually people have had a chance to clear their inboxes of junk and are already at their computer – which means they are more likely to look at your email blast or newsletter – more information on Email Marketing.

Q.”Why doesn’t my business show up on Google Maps?”

Health Club Owner
Jason Whitney
Seattle, Washington

A. It’s a common misnomer that Google will automatically know the location of your business once you have a website – I mean the address is on your homepage right? Well, the cold hard truth is that Google only knows what you tell it, so before you are found on Google Maps you need to register with Google Places. It’s free to register yourself and takes about an hour to get your account set up and your information verified – more information on Google Places.

Q. “How much should I write in my ‘meta description’?”

Facial Plastic Surgeon
Dr. Thomas Lamperti
Seattle, Washington

A. Meta descriptions are a simple part of your website that can have a great effect. For those of you who don’t actually know what a ‘Meta Description’ is, in short, it’s the content that should come up below your listing on a search engine. There are lots of search engines out there that all have different rules but it’s best to go by Google since their processes are considered the standard. While there is no limit on how little you can write, there is a maximum of 150 characters – about the same as a text message. Utilizing this is key in snagging people that might otherwise scan past your results, so think of a great elevator pitch that will complement the content on the page. – for more information on ‘Meta Descriptions and Tags’.

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At Efelle Media we want you to have as much success as possible with your new website. Have questions? We have lots of answers – and the things that we don’t have answers for we do research on until we do. For more information on tips and tricks to manage your website please contact us at [email protected] or call us at 206.384.4909.