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Marc Takeuchi Posted by Marc Takeuchi on April 30, 2020

Website Redesign for Seattle Construction Firm MRJ Constructors

Website Redesign for Seattle Construction Firm MRJ Constructors

Launched: Brand New Website for MRJ Constructors

MRJ Constructors has been in business for 27 years and has an amazing track record of providing outstanding workmanship, attention to detail, and exceptional project management services. The previous site didn’t allow for the team to easily update their site, and it did not do a great job of showing off their previous projects. The team at MRJ wanted to show off their personality better as well as their amazing projects through the new website. 

Logo Refresh & Persona Development

Before beginning the website project, we built out three unique target personas and their goals on the site. This allowed us to understand who was looking at MRJ and why, as well as help guide our design and site navigation decisions later on in the project. 


The next part of our project included a logo refresh. We wanted to keep the integrity of the logo intact while giving it a more fresh and modern look. We darkened the colors and implemented the same building blocks around the icon to build a more cohesive and structured look. 

With the logo refresh, we also worked on some collateral for the MRJ team to match their new logo refresh. This included business card design, stationary, and mock-ups for future helmets and vests.


Construction Firm Website Design 

One of the most important aspects of website design for a construction firm is showing off their previous projects. All three of their target personas deemed previous work as crucial to their decision-making process, so we wanted to make sure the portfolio was easily found and easy to navigate. 

The portfolio pages allow for high-level details to be shared and highlighted on the side, while further details about the build are listed on the left. We tied in testimonials below and kept the imagery in the masthead as a slider to make sure large images of the project were obvious to the users. 

Throughout the site, you’ll see a similar site of “building blocks” reflected from the logo. This keeps a cohesive design throughout all marketing materials and reminds users of the essential and quality work that MRJ provides to their clients. 


In addition to the beautiful masthead video on the homepage, we also wanted to add a more personal feel behind the MRJ brand. Throughout the site, along with their project photos we highlight both the leadership team as well as superintendents and project teams. This was again a crucial part of recruitment as well as building rapport with clients. 

We’re excited to see how the MRJ team continues to grow and are excited to partner with them in the future as they work on their SEO efforts. 

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