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Fred Lebhart Posted by Fred Lebhart on October 15, 2010

Websites Influence 97% of Clients' Purchasing Decisions

Research Shows Websites Influence 97% of Clients’ Purchasing Decisions

Your website may very well be the most powerful marketing tool at your disposal. Not only it is your point of contact on the web and the place for your clients and prospects to find out information, but your website also has a huge impact on your prospects’ purchase decision.

In fact a whopping 97% of the 200 surveyed buyers—from companies of all sizes—say a provider’s website has an influence on their ultimate purchase decision.

The survey was conducted by and included more than 200 buyers responsible for more than $1.7 billion in professional services purchased, such as accounting and financial consulting; architecture, engineering, and construction services; human resources consulting; IT consulting and services; legal services; management consulting; marketing, advertising, and public relations; and training services.

The influence of professional services websites on purchasing decisions has increased significantly over the past four years. According to the survey, 74% of buyers report the provider’s website holds at least "some influence” over their ultimate decision to buy services from the provider. This is 23 percentage points higher than in 2005 and represents a significant increase in the importance of websites.

It’s clear that having a good, well established website that delivers results is vital for professional services firms. With more and more of our daily activities conducted online, having a good website could be the key to success for many businesses.

With a well performing website you can:

  • Establish that you are professional: through professional design, writing, and arrangement of content.
  • Establish that you are worthy of consideration: through an overview of your services, your client list, biographies of your professionals, and case studies that show how your helped clients.
  • Establish yourself as an authority: through blog posts, publications, videos, and other resources to help build credibility, reliability, and trust. All of these are essential elements necessary to win clients and increase your sales.

How important is your website to growing your business?

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