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Fred Lebhart Posted by Fred Lebhart on August 15, 2018

We're Officially Bringing Our Website Design and Development Services Nationwide

We're Officially Bringing Our Website Design and Development Services Nationwide

Now Offering Online Marketing Services Based Out of Minneapolis, Minnesota

We’ve been in the business of creating award-winning websites since 2005. Now, propelled by that success, we’re excited to announce we’re expanding to Minneapolis, MN. Cody Jacobsen, our eCommerce Specialist and Digital Marketing Consultant, is leading our efforts in the Mini Apple, helping us to best serve clients in the midwest and nationwide.

Why We’re Bringing Our Digital Marketing Strategies to Minneapolis, MN

With 19 companies on the Fortune 500 list based out of Minnesota, there is no doubt the state has a very strong economy. And what’s helping fuel this economy? A burgeoning tech market. A growing number of startups are planting their roots in Minneapolis—it’s gotten to the point where Venturebeat recently dubbed the Twin Cities area “a hotbed for digital health startups.”

What’s more? Some of the biggest names in retail—3M, Target, Best Buy, Polaris, General Mills—are staples in Minnesota, helping pave the way for a plethora of mid-market companies that could grow that much bigger with support from the professionals here at efelle creative. We’ve always been passionate about working with local companies in the Seattle area—we can’t wait to carry this spirit with us as we officially open shop in Minnesota!

A Little More About Our New eCommerce Specialist and Digital Marketing Consultant

Cody has been in the digital marketing world for three years and has worked with companies of all levels, both in terms of size (from those with a few employees to those with thousands) and revenue (from those with a hundred thousand dollars in annual revenue to those with millions). He’s worked with clients operating in a variety industries (trades, law, consumer goods, and more) and is an expert in helping companies create strategies to grow revenue, market share, and brand awareness.

Office photo 1: The kitchen and lounge area of our office space in Minneapolis

Office photo 2: A seating area in our office space in Minneapolis

Office photo 3: Comfortable couch space in our office space in Minneapolis

Ready to Get Started on an eCommerce Website Redesign Project?

At efelle creative, we offer a full suite of digital marketing services to help drive your sales and take your eCommerce game up a notch (or ten). We not only specialize in award-winning web design, we’re bonafide nerds when it comes to all things eCommerce, SEO, SEM, website analytics, reputation management, and more. We bring a collaborative mentality to all our projects and draw from our knowledge of your business as a whole to craft best-in-class strategies to help your business reach its goals. Give us a shout at 206.384.4909 or hit up our online contact form—we’d love to chat!