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Aaron Moore Posted by Aaron Moore on April 16, 2020

What Should Your SEO And PPC Strategy Be During a Crisis?

What Should Your SEO And PPC Strategy Be During a Crisis?

"What should my digital marketing strategy be right now?!" 

It's a question we're being asked on repeat during this time. We’re in uncharted territory with a world so reliant on digital marketing, while experiencing a global pandemic and therefore financial turmoil. 

While some companies are pulling back all spending, others are looking at strategy in the long term. There have been changes - we’ve seen a shift in searches towards specific topics, and Google search ad impressions have decreased. 

That being said, some industries are seeing an increase - beauty and self-care, wealth management services, health and medical, and a few more.
We wanted to cover a few of your options when it comes to organic SEO, Pay Per Click, and Social Media.

Organic SEO 

The great thing about SEO is that whether people are buying or not if you invest in SEO you are driving rankings and traffic increases now and more importantly for the future. This means that we value and see SEO as vital right now and think that as the economy recovers - whether that is in 3 months 6 months or a year - that SEO is a great way to have a very powerful channel for buyers when that occurs. 

If you’re able, organic SEO is an investment in your future marketing.

AdWords and PPC

In terms of Pay-Per-Click, you can watch the conversions that are coming through to decide if it’s a good place to allocate your budget.

Some businesses are pulling back on their spend and while it may be tempting to follow suit with your competitors, we’d recommend you take a step back and look at the drop in cost-per-click for your keywords, as well as the conversion rate. If the cost-per-click is doable, maybe try out the AdWords and see if conversions are coming. If the cost-per-conversion is something your business can withstand right now and you’re getting conversions on those AdWords, then we’d recommend sticking with it and seeing how it goes. 

The cool thing about PPC is that ideally, it has the ability to drive sales right now. That being said, if people stopped buying of-course we'd recommend you limit spend there.

Social Media

Now more than ever, we’re seeing the importance of connecting with your consumers. Staying present and providing updates through social media are a great way to connect with your audience. Whether it’s specials you have going on, changing ours, or any other updates, be open and share what’s going on through your social media. 

Your tactic can obviously vary based on your business type as well as platform, but we’d recommend keeping concise updates on Facebook and Twitter, while showing a little transparency and honesty through things like Instagram and Facebook stories. 

We know the temptation is to pull back on marketing completely during a time like this, but remember we will get through this and there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Stay open and remember to serve your customers or clients however you can. 

Would you like a free consultation about your digital marketing strategy during this time? 

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