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Jessica Bryant Posted by Jessica Bryant on May 19, 2021

Why Having a Professional Logo is Important

Why Having a Professional Logo is Important

Is Having a Logo Designed By A Professional Really That Important?

In this day and age, while most people have Photoshop and Microsoft Word, it seems like anyone can make a logo. Choose a font and a color and you’ll be good to go, right? Wrong. 

Of course, we’re going to say that, we’re a design agency! But there are reasons we know that professionally designed logos are important. 

To an untrained eye, a logo may seem like a font, some colors, and maybe a photo or icon. But there is a lot of thought that goes into logos, from its uses, its legibility, the emotions it’s working to convey, the audience it’ll be in front of, and so much more. Logos can make or break businesses -- when done correctly they can help your business grow and thrive.

Common Mistakes When Making A Logo

There are common mistakes we see amateurs move forward with like choosing a font that is illegible or using a stock photo for an icon that is overused or even creating an overly complex logo that can’t be used in all the places that it should. 

The thing is, a logo might look fine on your Word Doc, but when it’s next to your competition at a tradeshow or on your new professionally designed website, the contrast will be obvious. 

Why Choose a Professional to Design Your Logo? 

While the fact that they avoid these common mistakes is a big plus, there are also some other great reasons. A professional logo comes with much more than just a unique design. Your design firm should provide, alongside each logo treatment, a unique story that speaks to your brand. This unique story can be used to speak both to your company, as well as the logo design itself and shares that your logo is more than just a beautiful design.

Another great benefit of working with a professional design firm is that your logo will be rendered in a few different ways. At efelle, when creating your logo, our design team often takes the time to mock-up what your logo would look like on common uses related to your business. For example, we mocked up a truck design for an engineering firm that had custom-wrapped trucks. For law firms, we mock up what the new logo looks like on stationery and business cards. And for eCommerce businesses, we show what the logo looks like on your products, on social media, and more. Once approved, you’ll also receive different rendered versions of your logo including horizontal and vertical, ones that work on dark and light backgrounds, and any other uses that may be helpful in your custom situation. 

When a professional designer creates your new look and feel, you get a lot more than just a new typeface—you get a new story and a lot of tools for future marketing campaigns. 

Logo’s Are Important -- That’s Why You Should See It as an Investment

Logos are essentially your brand’s first impression. It’s going to be the first thing that people see regarding your business and they’re going to immediately make a decision about how they perceive your business. A logo is what every other part of your branding stems from and if it’s done right, it should last for a very long time. 

When you consider the importance of a logo, it makes sense to consider it as an important business investment. Take the time and get your logo professionally designed or redesigned and you won’t be unhappy with your results. 

Interested in a New Professionally Designed Logo for Your Business?

We’re the ones to call. At efelle, we’ve helped dozens of businesses with logos -- whether it’s a brand new logo for a new business or a refresh of an outdated logo, we’re here to help make sure that your business is making the right first impression. Fill out the form below and let’s get chatting about what our design process looks like.