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Tessa Wuertz Posted by Tessa Wuertz on June 19, 2019

Why SEO is An Unquestionable Part of Your Digital Marketing Strategy

Why SEO is An Unquestionable Part of Your Digital Marketing Strategy

Search Engine Optimization is No Longer an Option - It's a Necessity.

We obviously think that your website is extremely important to your marketing strategy but nowadays we see SEO growing in importance.

With each website project, we start with an SEO audit of our clients’ current site to gauge where they are currently ranking for relevant keywords. This gives our team an excellent opportunity to identify areas that need improvement or additional attention during the design and content phases of the project. It ensures we are starting the process off on the right foot with keywords implemented, content targeted at prospective site visitors, and site structure optimized. Why do we take the time to do this? We know how much it can influence a business.

A Different Way to Think About SEO

The best way I’ve ever heard someone explain SEO is like this - your website is a house you’re selling. It’s beautiful - a craftsman style home with a newly renovated kitchen, beautiful yard, with four bedrooms and two and a half baths. You’ve been trying to sell the house and obviously it’s got some selling points built in, but you’re just not getting through to the right buyer - they’re looking for a smaller ranch style. That’s where a realtor steps in - they guide prospective buyers to your home based off of their specific needs - those looking for 4 bedrooms and 2.5 baths, exactly like you’re offering!  

In your website’s case - strong SEO serves as that helpful realtor. It guides people to find you based on what their specific needs are. Maybe your buyer is looking for a brewery near Pike Place market. A site with strong SEO that matches this search content will grab the hand of the searcher and show them something like Old Stove Brewing Company because it fits the requirements of being a brewery near Pike Place. When someone’s searching for a home, they often have pretty specific needs - similar to when someone is searching for your business. So rather than just putting your home out there and maybe having lots of people see it, you should use SEO/hire a realtor to get the right people to look at your home.

SEO is really just sprucing up your house and getting the right people to see it. It's not as if you are advertising something you don't do - you're helping people find what you do best! If you aren’t doing targeted search engine optimization, pay per click or content optimization, you may be missing out on quality leads or customers coming from your website. If you still don’t believe in the importance, check out a few of these stats:

Google receives over 63,000 searches per second on any given day. (SEO Tribunal)

    People are online and they are looking. Some might be simply typing “Facebook” into the search bar when it opens, but you can bet that a majority of those are searching for something new or different. This statistic is significant to your business to know that people are searching and if your business fits their needs, then it should be showing up. 

More than half of searches are longer than 4 words (Social Media Today)

    This means the work you are putting in to create long tail keywords and rich content is worth it. Rather than just searching for “contractor,” searchers are writing out what is called long-tail-keywords and searching things like “kitchen contractors in Seattle,” which makes their searches more targeted. That means you can use your niche and appeal to people well with more specific keywords.

Search Engines have a 14.6% Close rate (WebFX)

    That might seem insignificant, but the average closing rate for other outbound tactics is 1.7%. So if you’re wondering if the time and investment is worth it compared to your other methods, then you can see it’s definitely worth it.

Still not sure if your website needs search engine optimization?

Take the time to look at your websites current conversion rate - are you happy with the number and quality of leads and customers finding your site? Are they converting?
Let one of our digital strategists take a look at your website and offer a free analysis, no strings attached. We’ll go over your current results, look over what your competitors are doing and make recommendations from there. Fill out our contact form or call us at 206.384.4909 and we'll get a digital strategist in touch with you right away!