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Jason Shindler Posted by Jason Shindler on May 12, 2021

Why Your Blogs Aren't Working & How to Fix Them

Why Your Blogs Aren't Working & How to Fix Them

Common Mistakes Businesses Make When They Are Blogging and How to Fix Them

You’ll hear it from digital marketing agencies often (like us!) that blogging is important. It’s great way to build up SEO value, build trust with your customers, and bulk up the content on your website. But have you ever had difficulty getting your blogs to take off? Maybe you’re doing a lot of research but your traffic is low.

Here’s some of the common reasons why your blogs may not be working and our favorite ways to fix them.

There’s Just Not Enough Interesting Content

One reason that you may be having a tough time getting your blog off the ground is that there’s juts not enough visually intriguing content. Whether it’s imagery or call out quotes, make sure that your blog is easy to look at. Make sure you have things like headers, include bullet points where possible, and tie in imagery whenever you can.

No One Is Seeing Your Blog Posts

While your website may get traffic, it doesn’t mean that your blog will! That’s why it’s important for you to share blogs to all of your social media channels, as well as in email newsletters to clients. Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn are often the most important places to share blog content, and you should consider sharing on each of these platforms.

Pro Tip: Feature your blogs on the homepage of your website! It’s a great way for people to see your content right on your homepage, and it’s great for SEO as well.

You Aren’t Sharing Your Blog Posts In the Right Way 

Yes we said you should be sharing your blogs on social media, but you should remember to make sure that you’re sharing them well. It’s not enough to just throw the link from your blog on to a Facebook post and hope for the best. 

It’s important to try and include an image, as well as a punchy headline that attracts readers. You should also give some context in the caption or even consider sharing a snippet of the blog enticing readers to read more!

You’re Not Thinking About SEO 

While you don’t want to do any keyword stuffing, it’s important that you consider SEO when you’re writing your blogs. Think about the words you’re targeting and remember to include them in the headers as well as throughout the blog! Make sure that you are putting the correct amount of H1, H2s, and H3s in your blog so that it is both visually appealing as well as beneficial for SEO.

Remember that:

H1 - there should be one of these and it’s the most important. It should be the title of your blog and have necessary keywords. 

H2 - the H2 can show up a couple times, depending on the length of the blog, but should be a reiteration of your keywords (but not repetitive!) 

H3 - These can be titles or headings before paragraphs, similar to the blue headings on the blog you’re reading now.

The Content In Your Blog Post Isn’t Unique

There are a lot of people blogging. And while it’s good that you want to write a helpful blog, there are probably other people who have done the same thing. While coming up with a totally unique idea is difficult and may not be beneficial to SEO, think about how you can share a unique perspective about something. Can you tie in real life experience to tips you're sharing? Do you have some insight into the market that you can share? What about an opinion on a big thing happening in your industry? Take a second and brainstorm ideas, and then think about ways you can write them from your unique perspective. Your customers will appreciate it, and so will your business!

Bonus Blog Tip: 

Add a form to the bottom of your blogs! If you’re talking about an interesting or complex topic, add a form at the bottom as a call to action for your users to fill out. That way they can ask questions to your team, contact you if they’re interested, or even reach out because they want to work with you!

And remember, keep up the good work! If you’re working hard to create thoughtful blogs and following these tips, you’ll be getting more visibility in no time.

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