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Fred Lebhart Posted by Fred Lebhart on September 27, 2011

Why your business website needs Live Chat

3 reasons your business website should have Live Chat

Using Live website Chat to Increase Conversion and Customer Satisfaction

seattle webdesign web chatCustomer service now comes in a bold new flavor, perfectly suited for the age of the internet. Gone are the days of holding for an operator and pressing one for English. The new wave of customer service comes in the form of a live-chat feature on a company’s website.

Live chat can have great customer service and sales benefits for both the business and the customer –following are three simple reasons why YOUR business should incorporate LIVE CHAT into your website:

Increased Conversion
A live-chat customer service representative provides a landing page with endless options for relevant links. A visitor who may have added to the site’s bounce rate can ask in the chat for the information they wanted to see on the site. A live chat person can provide helpful information that guides visitors around the site’s pages, utilizing key links and improving SEO.

Increased Sales
Naturally, increasing conversion rates and the number of satisfied customers is an increase in business. Customers who appreciate the site’s commitment to service through live-chat assistance will be more inclined to buy from the site. And along with directing traffic to key pages, live-chat representatives can tailor suggestions to inquisitive visitors and, therefore, take on the role of sales representatives to a certain degree.

Increased Customer Satisfaction
As convenient as online ordering may be, customers like to have human interaction when facing technical difficulties and other problems. As well as wanting to talk to a human for customer service, people tend to want instant gratification. Live-chat offers this, with more reliable contact than a phone call and quicker response time than email.

So how do you get chat added to YOUR business' website?

A professional web design firm such as efelle will be able to incorporate web chat directly into your website, making it a seamless integration that benefits your business without technical training and headaches.

Keep in mind that live website chat is just one of many ways to increase your company’s Web presence and productivity; there are several other components that go into an effective online marketing campaign. When you’re working with a professional website design firm they will be able to help you formulate a plan that will ensure high conversion rates to boost sales and improve search engine optimization for your website, drawing in new business from across the internet.

Ready to make your Business Website start working FOR you?

The team at efelle has been doing this since 1999 and has helped over 300 different businesses succeed online –let us help your business! Simple contact our team of experienced website designers today at 206.384.4909 to get a free consultation…once we have a little background on your business goals we can discuss the best approach and get you on your way!

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