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Fred Lebhart Posted by Fred Lebhart on August 20, 2012

Your Retail Business Needs a Professional Website & CMS

Your Retail Business Needs a Professional Website

Boost sales, increase revenues, and expand your business by partnering with the area's leading website development firm

retail website designYou have a multitude of options, but should weigh them all and choose wisely, as your website's appearance and functionality are often your brand's first impression -when rebuilding your website, you need to make your investment last with a clear strategy as well as the right tools to deliver your marketing objectives.

We can help.

For businesses interesting in improving their retail business, or even taking their business online we have several proven options depending on what you're looking to accomplish:

1) Do you want to have your products and stores FOUND in search engines?

2) Do you want to sell items through your website, show an online catalog of items you have available in-store, or do BOTH (sell some items, display others but ALL are marketed on your site)?

3) Do you want to list your locations and have them found in search engines by city?

4) Do you want to *automatically* utilize proven pull-marketing efforts (also known as drip-marketing) to turn shoppers into lifetime customers?

5) Do you want to showcase your products effortlessly through your social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc)?

6) Do you want to easily monitor and analyze your website statistics in real-time, to see which categories and products are getting the most search queries and traffic (and are converting)?

7) Do you want to have full control of your website?

8) Do you want to offer your customers a powerful mobile website, so they can browse on their time?

9) Do you want to save time and eliminate user-errors by having your website management system tie into your accounting and shipping systems?

10) Do you want to save money by utilizing an approach that emphasizes ROI and helps cut costs?

How we can help YOUR business succeed online

efelle has helped hundreds of businesses grow through our effective techniques and approach; online marketing is MORE than just website design and search marketing, it's a combination of several disciplines working TOGETHER for a common goal, from profession design with call-to-action marketing, search engine optimization, content management, social media integration and pull-marketing. There is only one firm that does all of this and more, in-house, with a seven-year track record to prove it.

We have successfully implemented over 400 projects over the last seven years and are the only firm in the state with 100% client retention -the secret to our success is no secret at all, it's our combination of effective design, standards-compliant development with premium search engine optimization built right in AND our online marketing platform that puts YOU in control. You utilize the most modern online marketing tool on the market, FusionCMS, a platform designed from the ground up to deliver RESULTS.

One approach to marketing a business with several retail locations: 

  • Showcase each location online, complete w/ SEARCH (show 3 closest locations to my current address and guide me there with directions)  -this will help your business get found by geo-specific terms (like cities)

  • Lists products by category in a search-engine friendly manner while giving customers a simple way to find what they're looking for; offer the items you'd like to sell online available for sale with other items designated as IN-STORE ONLY

  • Integrate social media sharing at each point of your site -customers can share products, stores, even testimonials (product reviews are also available and can be linked to social media)

  • Keep customers involved by showcasing SPECIAL OFFERS, BLOG POSTS, EVENTS and NEWS on the site, all easily managed through a simple interface.

  • Give customers the option to be kept up to date on future promotions, news and events via email newsletter, automatically built and sent based on your marketing objectives (automatically build email newsletters that show new product arrivals, clearance items, special offers, events, etc, plus track results in opens, clicks and forwards).

  • Offer back-office integration to eliminate time-consuming bottlenecks and expensive duplicate entry (which can cause mistakes)…orders can be automatically posted to our POS and shipping can be tied to third-party carriers automatically.

We also offer you a professional team to work with led by an experienced project manager, eliminating the need for you to sync and coordinate a long list of freelancers and people not used to working together with a client's end-goal in mind.

Real Online Marketing Management -NOT just another CMS

Why accept a free, generic CMS as your most important marketing tool when we can utilize a combination of FusionCMS' 38 professional modules to build a website that perfectly suites you, your business and your marketing objectives for nearly the same expense?   Almost all web design companies use open source systems for content management -the reason is easy: these platforms are free and their generic settings can be installed in a matter of minutes.

We have that same option, but instead of charging you to use a free software platform (like Wordpress, Joomla or Drupal) we have invested millions of dollars into building a powerful, affordable, best-in-class system SPECIFICALLY for each business segment we work with: FusionCMS. Our goal is not only to give you control of your website, but also help improve your entire online marketing effort, from content management to social interaction to search engine optimization to pull-marketing; all managed from a single, user-friendly dashboard (see below).

online marketing dashboard

Proprietary vs Open Source Systems

There have been arguments on proprietary CMS vs Open Source since the industry started, but the biggest differences are support, ongoing maintenance and cost-of-ownership. A system that cannot be upgraded to protect from hacking or ensure ease of use after launch is not the best option for your business, yet 46% of our projects have been upgrading outdated open source websites that no longer were manageable due to outdated modules, plug-ins and core system modifications.

We won't put you in that pickle.

With our development approach we build your website and back-end application specific to you; in FusionCMS the modules are maintained and upgraded on a regular bases (27 updates in 2012 alone), while ensuring that they always work with the rest of the system and other modules.

Also, when you work with us YOU own your entire website and code, you are not forced to use our system and can export your site into standards-compliant HTML, CSS and Java at any time.

Professional Online Marketing, Proven Results

Your business demands professional attention. You don't need to trust your bottom line to a group of freelancers and out-sourcers: we have a seasoned team of 25 dedicated professionals based in Seattle, WA and are excited to work with you -let's schedule a free consultation to review your current website, your business needs and develop an approach to improve your business.

Call us at 206.384.4909 or through our online contact form to get in touch today!