April, 2013

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Fred Lebhart

Professional Architecture Web Design

It is often part of an architect's job to push the envelope and be creative, so it's no surprise that many architects put form before function when it comes to their websites. But on the web, usability is crucial because no matter how cool and flashy your website is, it will only confuse and frustrate users if it's difficult to navigate and doesn't provide them with the information they seek. read more

Marc Takeuchi

Marketing Your eCommerce Site with Newsletters: Content Counts!

It's common knowledge that newsletters are excellent marketing tools for eCommerce websites, yet some marketers swear them off forever. After going through all the intricacies of A/B testing and using automation tools to be sure newsletters go out at just the right time, they still don't see success. They may even master eye-catching Re: lines that reward them with high open rates, but still no increase in sales. Why do some marketers fail at newsletter marketing? It's because they haven't mastered content. read more

Jessica Bryant

7 Reasons Why an Architecture Blog is Essential to Your Firms Website

The Internet has changed the way we do business. One of the best ways to establish a meaningful online presence is through blogging. Regardless of how large or small your architecture firm is, you could blog to build your credibility and reputation. Here are 7 reasons why a blog needs to be a part of every architect's online marketing plan. read more

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